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Illustrators draw cartoons for the columns on the opinion pages of the Review and occasionally supply illustrations for other sections of the newspaper. The goal of an illustrator should be to help generate public debate and discussion in an informative and entertaining manner. Illustrations should truthfully represent the column and be drawn in a confident manner. The opinion editor and the editor-in-chief have final right of approval of all illustrations. Each illustrator will be specifically expected to:

  • Draw at least one stand-alone cartoon per week (a comic that doesn’t connect to any particular story)
  • Draw between one and three illustrations each week
  • Coordinate with the opinion editor to get advance copies of columns and to verify dates and deadlines for publication of stand-alone editorial cartoons
  • Work effectively with the opinion editor to ensure all assignments are filled in a timely manner
  • Become familiar with Associated Press and Review style
  • Monitor the news daily to keep abreast of events and issues to ensure originality of illustration ideas
  • Attend required staff meetings and occasional desk meetings
  • Set individual goals each semester to improve journalistic skills
  • Complete other duties as assigned

Direct supervisor: Opinion editor