Download 2014-2015-Editor-in-Chief-Application. — Position filled for 2013-2014 school year.

The editor-in-chief oversees all aspects of the newspaper production process. The editor is a teacher, coach and mentor to students who seriously desire to improve their professional skills by working for TLR. The editor is an advocate for and architect of a diverse newsroom workforce. The editor-in-chief is the public face of all editorial decisions and content and is expected to:

  • Articulates newsroom vision and values and establish content goals for the year
  • Foster an atmosphere of acceptance and diversity among personnel
  • Attend meetings of the ASLC Communications Board
  • Hire and train an editorial staff, training that staff as necessary and deploying the staff in such a way as to meet the organization’s editorial objectives
  • Establish deadlines, ensure the smooth flow of content and handle the day-to-day decisions necessary to produce quality print and online publications
  • Develop an operating budget for the newsroom and then is expected to meet that budget by controlling expenses, including payroll
  • Line edit all stories prior to publication to identify problems, such as libel, inaccuracy, wordiness or lack of clarity
  • Write stories as needed or desired
  • Take on or delegate additional duties, as needed
  • Attend required staff meetings
  • Monitor the news daily to keep abreast of all issues that need to be covered and see that no pertinent news is missed
  • Monitor article comments on TLR Web site
  • Issue blog posts and/or Twitter alerts as needed
  • Be available to line edit stories throughout the day as breaking news emerges and stories are posted to

For more information, contact Samantha Sigler, editor-in-chief, at linfieldrevieweditor@gmail.com