Copy chief

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The copy chief oversees and coordinates a staff of copy editors, proofing their work and editing all copy that appears in the newspaper. The copy chief will be specifically expected to:

  • Become extremely familiar will the rules of TLR and Associated Press style, as well as with the rules and restrictions associated with headline writing, and constantly refer to reference materials to verify facts and spelling in stories
  • Edit all stories that appear in the paper, correcting inaccuracies, wordiness, poor organization, bad grammar, punctuation or other writing errors
  • Be available to edit breaking news stories throughout the day before they are posted online
  • Write display text, headlines, summaries and captions for the sections
  • Monitor the news daily to keep abreast of issues that need to be covered and see that no pertinent news is missed
  • Set individual goals each semester to improve journalistic skills and help others set goals each semester to improve their journalistic skills
  • Identify stories needing major revision, possibly recommending to hold them
  • Identify libelous/plagiarized or potentially libelous/plagiarized stories and alert the editor-in-chief or managing editor
  • Critique and correct each issue of the paper, both before and after publication
  • Pay attention to consistent problems, such as a writer who keeps making the same mistakes, a style rule that is repeatedly violated or inaccuracies created by the copy desk
  • Assist managing editor in monitoring article comments as necessary
  • Attend required staff meetings
  • Attend required meetings
  • Complete other duties as assigned

Direct supervisor: Managing editor