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Columnists write opinion columns for the opinion pages of the Review on virtually any topic. The goal of a columnist should be to generate public debate and discussion in an informative manner. Columns should be truthful and written in an authoritative manner. The editor-in-chief has the final right of approval of all content. Each columnist will be specifically expected to:

  • Write one column every week
  • Produce other, shorter content for commentary page as necessary
  • Blog at least once weekly (not the same topic as the column)
  • Coordinate with opinion editor to verify dates and deadlines for publication
  • Become familiar with Associated Press and Review style
  • Attend required desk and newsroom meetings
  • Monitor the news daily to keep abreast of events and issues to ensure originality of column ideas
  • Set individual goals each semester to improve journalistic skills
  • Make reasoned and truthful statements in columns and back up assertions with examples
  • Not write hate speech
  • Contribute to supplements as needed

Direct supervisor: Opinion editor

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