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Cross-country outshines competition in Seattle

The women's cross-country team takes time to snap a team picture at the Portland meet against Lewis & Clark College on Sept. 1. Photo courtesy of Emily Zegar

Facing off with 17 other teams, the men’s and women’s cross-country teams competed in the Sundodger Invitational Sept. 17 in Seattle, Wash. Including Linfield, six of the other teams that competed are in the Northwest Conference. According to the Pacific Lutheran’s Athletic website, statistics for the men’s team were not recorded because there were “some flaws in the results and they were being reworked.”

“The Sundodger Invitational went well. There were lots of [personal records] on both the men’s and women’s teams. It was a great opportunity for us to show how deep both teams are in larger meets,” senior Arian Anderson said. “Both sides have a ton of potential to do well at the regional and national meets but the biggest challenge we face is tightening our packs. That is what is going to take both teams from being good to being great.”

With more than 180 runners competing in the women’s six-kilometer race, the Linfield women held their own and were able to place fifth in the overall meet and first in the conference. Sophomore Mimi Seeley placed 26th with a time of 22:55.91 minutes. Together the nine Wildcat women ran the race in 1:56:21.70.

“Linfield cross-country is doing big things this year on both the men’s and women’s sides. I guess the people following us will just have to stayed tuned,” Anderson said. “The women are ranked nationally at 28th and regionally at 3rd. The men are ranked 6th in the region but that will change soon.”

Kaylyn Peterson/Sports editor
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Men’s golf team welcomes new teammates this season

Starting its season off, the men’s golf team started out on top. The team competed at the George Fox University Invitational at Chehalem Glenn course on Sept. 17 and 18.

After the first day of competition, the Wildcats lead by 22 strokes. Senior Alex Fitch was able to regain the title of Northwest Conference Player of the year after leading by five strokes on the first day. Fitch also finished two under par. Sophomore A.J. Taylor and freshman Taylor Pirnke tied, finishing right after Fitch, taking the top three spots. Along with coming in first place on the first day, the Wildcats had four freshmen make the top 10. The two Linfield teams scored within 30 strokes of each other, the first team scoring 301 strokes, which is only 13 above par, and the second team scored 329.

Coach Greg Copeland said in an email that “our goals for the season are to win the conference championship and earn the automatic qualifier to the national championship. And once at the national championship, to make the cut. We only lost one senior of the five guys that competed at last year’s national championship and we have picked up seven new freshmen that all have tremendous upside potential.”

As Coach Copeland said, this season, the men’s golf team has seven freshmen joining the team, which makes up more than half the team.

On the second day of the tournament, Fitch scored four under par, landing him at 70 strokes for the day just as he had done the day before. During the course of the tournament, Fitch scored 140 which allowed him to take first in the competition.

Other Wildcats that did well were Taylor, who came in second only nine strokes behind Fitch, Pirnke who ended with nine above par, and freshman Thomas Arand who came in fourth place.

Between both men’s teams, all of the golfers finished in the top 15. The “A” team scored with only 17 strokes above par, where as the second team had 78 strokes above par. Both teams placed above Lewis & Clark, and George Fox came in third place.

“My hopes for this season is that the team makes it to Nationals for the second consecutive time. We have the talent on the team and I think this is a realistic goal. Some changes that we will face is we lost a great player in Yutaro last year and
we also have some freshmen and new faces on the team,” senior Evan Wallace said, The Wildcats will tee off again Sept. 24 at the Pacific Invitational at Quail Valley. The tournament will continue Sept. 25.

The women’s team will also be attending the Pacific  Invitational to start off its season.

Kaylyn Peterson/Sports editor
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Women’s soccer stomps out week with two wins

Senior McKenzie Doty dribbles passed Lewis & Clarks' defense to make a shot on goal Sept. 14 at home. Victor Zhu/Staff photographer

Freshman Ellie Schmidt steals the ball from Lewis & Clark forward Austyn Byassee on Sept. 14. Victor Zhu/Staff photographer

The Wildcats defeated the Lewis & Clark Pioneers 2-1 Sept. 14 at home and Puget Sound University with another score of 2-1 Sept. 18 in Tacoma, Wash.

The team had to fight to the end in order to triumph over the Pioneers Sept. 14.

“Lewis & Clark was man-marking Emily Fellows which shut out one of our best attackers and play makers and made it difficult to put away our chances,” said sophomore goalkeeper Taylor Collinsworth. Most of the game was played in the Pioneer’s half, but the Wildcats couldn’t get a shot past the goalkeeper. At halftime, the Pioneers led with a score of 1-0.

Sophomore goalie Apolonia Martinez spent the entire game in the goal, where she made two saves against Lewis & Clark.

“We came out hard the second half knowing what we needed to do which was get our other forwards to step up and put our opportunities away,” Collinsworth said. The team aimed several shots at the goal during the start of the second half, but none of them made it in.

Finally, the Wildcats got their big break when one of the Pioneers got a yellow card. Sophomore Emily Fellows scored a goal on a penalty kick, earning the Wildcats their first goal of the game.

The game was tied, and the Pioneers made the Wildcats work hard for a win. Linfield made an attempt at a goal with 10 minutes left, but the ball didn’t make it past the goalie. With about five minutes left in the game, junior Christine Tamamoto kicked a corner kick and freshman Zoe Langsdorf scored the winning goal with a header.

Early in the game against UPS Sept. 18, the Loggers committed a foul, awarding a penalty kick to junior Anna Sours. The shot missed the goal, leaving both teams with a score of 0-0. The Wildcats continued to fight for a goal, attempting another shot, this time made by freshman Lindzee Baker. Then, 15 minutes into the game, Fellows scored the Wildcats’ first goal, bringing the game’s score up 1-0.

Both teams began playing aggressively after the first goal was made. The Wildcats committed three fouls and the Loggers committed two additional fouls. This aggressive play didn’t stop the Wildcats from scoring another goal, this time scored by sophomore Anna LeBeaume.

The second half was just as aggressive as the first half, with several more fouls being committed. Martinez once again
spent the entire game in the goal, where the Loggers scored their first goal 74 minutes into the game on a header made by Mikaela Freeman with an assist from Christine Isabella, both of UPS. Neither team scored again in the game.

The games played against Lewis & Clark and University of Puget Sound were the first two conference games played this season, leaving the Wildcats with a 2-0 record.

The next game is Sept. 24 against George Fox University in Newberg, Ore.

Meghan O’Rourke/Opinion editor

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Linfield alumnus goes professional

K.C. Wiser, class of ’11, winds up for the pitch in his only game of the 2011 season. Photo courtesy of E.C. Mueller.

With graduation not far behind him, former Linfield student K.C. Wiser was drafted to the Texas Rangers organization during the 50th round of the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft. The 2011 Linfield College graduate received the news on June 8.

Playing for Linfield since he was a freshman, Wiser was an all-around athlete and also a key player for the Wildcats’ basketball program. Due to an injury to his ulnar collateral ligament, his baseball season ended early and he had to get surgery in 2009. Despite the injury, Wiser was still able to play a small part in his season senior year, only participating in six innings. In those six innings, Wiser had six strikeouts and ten walks.

With all the hard work he put out during his college career, he explains the differences in professional baseball and college ball.

“Professional baseball is different than Linfield baseball in a number of different ways. In professional ball you obviously have just one focus: the game. At Linfield, you have to worry about when you will have time to type that paper, research, study for that test and then also baseball. The main focus is clearly different. One is to get an education, the other is to get better at whatever position you play,” Wiser explained in an email. “Another difference is the intensity of the coaching. Not to take anything away from the coaching at Linfield, but I had two pitching coaches devoted to just pitching and helping us get better. Baseball and developing players is their main focus all day long.”

Though the pro level of baseball is very different from that of his Linfield career, Wiser said that it did prepare him.

“Linfield baseball prepared me for the draft since I had a lot of downtime at Linfield. In being a reliever as opposed to a starter, like I had originally come to Linfield as, I had to get adjusted to the uncertainty of if or when I was going to pitch,” he said. “In the level I was playing at for the Rangers, I had an idea of when I was going to pitch, so all the extra downtime wasn’t much of a problem.”

With the success of being drafted, Wiser passes on his words of advise to other baseball players who hope to play professionally someday. His advice has words of encouragement and reminds athletes to just have fun.

“The advice I’d give aspiring baseball players is to never get down on yourself and try to keep things in perspective. Avoid being too high and avoid being too low on yourself in regards to how you play. If you have the ability
someone will find you. Also, enjoy your time at Linfield since the guys
on the team are there for you regardless.”

Kaylyn Peterson/Sports editor
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NewsBrief: Laptop snatching on campus

Laptop snatching on campus

According to a College Public Safety notice, CPS officers responded to a laptop robbery at about 10:15 p.m.  Sept. 6. A female student sitting on a bench located near Whitman Hall was using her laptop when two men grabbed it from her and ran toward Davis Street. The student was not injured.

The suspects were described as white males with short hair, wearing dark clothing.

The incident is still being investigated by the McMinnville Police Department.

Altercation with locals at Delta Psi Delta Fraternity

According to a College Public Safety notice, the McMinnville Police Department arrested two men at about 1:30 a.m. Sept. 2 at the Delta Psi Delta Fraternity.

The two men, who are not Linfield students, were arrested after an altercation at the fraternity house. Clifford Johnson, 20, of McMinnville and Jacob Hull, 19, of Cornelius are banned from campus.

If either man is seen on campus, students, faculty and staff should notify CPS.

Linfield gains national media attention

According to a press release sent out by Nadene LeCheminant, the director of Media Relations, Linfield College was recognized with 77 media stories and citations just in August.

Forbes, The Statesman Journal in Salem, The Oregonian, Jefferson Public Radio, Pacific Business News, AASHE Bulletin, ESPN and the News-Register in McMinnville were just a few of the media outlets that featured Linfield connections in their stories.

~ Compiled by Jessica Prokop/Editor-in-chief