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ASLC Senate Meeting — Nov. 8, 2010


I Fear For The Freshman

BurritoIt seems to me we have a crisis of epic proportions on our hands. Something so horrible, I’m not even sure I can type it without bursting into tears. There may come a time where people will speak of this day in sadness; for now, subdued whispers must occupy this moment of unparalleled urgency.

As many of you are aware of, I am speaking about Muchas Gracias. Not the restaurant itself, per se. But the lack of freshman affiliation with the famous Oregon burrito.

Now there was a time when a kind-hearted upperclassman would befriend an incoming student and teach him the ways of Linfield. The really important things to know about, like Cat Cabs and football games and to not mix liquor and wine together (I WISH I’d learned that freshman year). And, of course, Muchas Gracias. A small, podunk, dirty restaurant run by some of the friendliest people you’ll meet at 3 am. Open forever and serving Hispanic food that doesn’t resemble mush (Taco Bell/Dillin both can’t claim that), it’s been a staple of every Linfield student who’s hungry past midnight.

It is with sadness that I note that freshman don’t seem to be aware of this gloriousness yet. Most of the freshman I’ve spoken to are aware of Muchas, but haven’t been given an opportunity to indulge themselves yet. Considering it’s one of the most important rite of passage at Linfield, this needs to rectified.

Immediately. Colloquium advisors, take your freshman out this coming week. Peer advisors, workstudy students, all others who actually read this blog (so nobody?), come together and seek out students who haven’t truly experienced the unique state of being a giant burrito offers. Let them taste the joyous flavor of a thousand calorie pile of steak, fries, and more steak, wrapped in a flour tortilla bigger than your hand.

Soon, we will all be swimming in finals and there will be little time to enjoy one of the greatest gifts Linfield has to offer. There is still time. Break through the ignorant protests of all who refuse and guide them to something bigger than themselves. And remember that while it may be a big burrito, they still don’t accept credit cards for less than $5. Luckily it isn’t just about a burrito, it’s about bringing change into their lives.

Make a difference in a freshman’s college experience. Hey, it beats actually getting to know them, right?

Matt Olson, columnist
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ASLC Senate meeting — Nov. 1, 2010


ASLC Senate meeting — Oct. 25, 2010


I was unable to connect to the Internet in Riley Student Center this evening to use the Cover It Live function to “live tweet” the ASLC Senate meeting. But I typed up a play-by-play in Microsoft Word during the meeting. This content appears as it would have in the live text box. You can download the write-up as a pdf here: ASLC Senate Oct25

Thank you for your patience during these technical difficulties.
-Kelley Hungerford, TLR editor-in-chief

A New Outlook on Sharing

Another lovely update to the ole’ bucket list. My time at Linfield is quickly coming to a close (and not soon enough, I might add) and I’m double and triple checking my mind, trying to think of things I’ve always wanted to do while here.

I found something else. I’ve never been a particularly good student (actually, the word abysmal comes to mind) and one of the reasons is my flat refusal to include myself in most discussions. I’m usually well prepared, but I’m so bad (think George W. bad) at speaking that I generally convey something completely different from my intended point.

In high school, I took this to heart early, letting my work outproduce my classroom presence and calling it good. However, in college participation is far more important and much of my grades have reflected my inability to communicate even basic facts intelligently. When I am forced to speak, I always look and sound unprepared, leading me to rarely even try anymore.

Which leads me to my next goal. I’m going to be working on talking more. Because I don’t have the wherewithal to do that of my own accord, I’ll be utilizing the number one form of courage I have at my disposal- alcohol. A few shots and I become way more talkative, and I think it’s time to see if I can jumpstart my own studies. I’m not condoning getting before a class obviously, just a few shots to loosen up (for a 21+ person of course).

So one my goals is get a little tipsy for every one of my classes this year. I’m inclined to think it could help. Should be fun either way.

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