Softball falls short of victory

Courtesy of Kelly Bird. Freshman Danielle Duman stretches out to catch a fly all against Claremont-M-S on May 9 at the first round of NCAA regionals at Redlands, Calif. Despite allowing seven hits, the Wildcats only allowed two runs.

Casie Gaza/Senior sports reporter

The Wildcats softball team suffered a heartbreaking weekend as they faced the Redlands Mudd-Scripps in Redlands, California for the NCAA Division III playoffs.

In the first game, the Wildcats started off strong with one run from junior outfielder Erin Carson. Little did the team know that this would be their final run for the game. The Muddscripts responded with two runs in the bottom of the first and third to finish the game at a final score of 2-1. However, the Wildcats still had hope in their doubleheader.

According to freshman Danielle Duman, “We were thinking about playing our game and playing to our level and capacity.”

Then, in the second game against the Redlands, Linfield took another heartbreaking loss with score 7-6. The ’Cats were scared in the top of the first inning as they gave up two runs in the top of the first and second putting them down 4-0. However, they responded with two runs in the bottom of the second from a home run by senior Haylie Watson.

With the score at 4-2, there was no doubt that the ’Cats were remaining hopeful. However, a three-run inning at the top of the fourth cost them, as they would never catch up to Redlands’ seven runs. The Wildcats responded with four runs at the bottom of the fifth inning with a home runs from senior Ashley Garcia and Watson. Nonetheless, they came up one run short of a tied game and potential win.

Duman notes, “We had a successful season and we accomplished many great things.” Although the Wildcats fell short of their hopes this post season, there’s no doubt that they will have great seasons ahead.