Passionate fans devote to local sports, entertainment

It’s no secret that fans of the Portland Trail Blazers are devoted to their home team.

No matter what sport or activity people enjoy watching, they will support who they like until the end.

Passion for professional sport teams is not anything new.

However, seeing the Trail Blazers make it to the second round of the playoffs, is not all that common.

The last time they made it to the second round of the NBA playoffs was 14 years ago on May 2, 2000.

Portland is known for having passionate fans for all professional sport teams represented in the Rose City.

It doesn’t matter if people are passionate for sports, music, theater, or movies they will always stick with who they support.

Rooting for the underdog is something that many people enjoy doing.

It is hard to disagree that the Trail Blazers are the underdogs in the NBA playoffs.

Fans of the team were ecstatic May 2, as Damian Lillard was able to achieve a three point shot beating the Houston Rockets by one point, 99-98.

Having athletic teams that everyday people can connect with on a social and emotional level promotes what sports and performance is all about, passion.

Giving people something to root and hope for presents them with the opportunity to become engaged in following something they might not have before.

There will always be die heart fans that will only root for one team in any given sport.

The economic benefits gained from fan support is tremendous as sport teams gain the following of larger numbers than usual of people that are interested in their sport.

It isn’t all that different in the entertainment business.

When a new actor or actress is first cast in a role, some viewers might be skeptical of their overall ability.

As viewers begin to warm-up to the newcomer, they may even start to build a fan base.

Once people start to devote some of their time and energy focusing on one performer or sports team, it is unlikely that they will stop supporting that particular person or team.

The level of a supporters pride may often vary.

Some might attend one or two games or performances a year whereas others might purchase season tickets so they can support them as often as they can.

Not everyone can afford to buy tickets to the events of those that they support because it isn’t inexpensive to attend professional sporting or theater events often.

Fans will do what works best for them to support their team.

If that means watching them on TV, and wearing cloths that advertise their favorite team or performer, that is what they will do.

Fans also like to use social media to spread the word of their support to all of their friends.

Once people find a group or person that they like, it is unlikely they will stop supporting them once they become interested.

Jonathan Williams

Opinion editor

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