Kemper scholar recipient excited for internship in Chicago

Olivia Marovich/For the Review

The Kemper Foundation has selected a Linfield freshman to receive one of its prestigious scholarship awards.

Freshman Tatum Chidlaw will receive an annual scholarship of up to $10,000 and have the opportunity to work in two summer internships during her time at Linfield.

“I definitely thought that this opportunity was too good to be true in the first place, so I was having a hard time believing it could actually happen for me,” Chidlaw said. “When I read the email on my phone from Dr. La Hurd I definitely squeaked a little bit and almost started crying in Dillin. Then I immediately called my dad to tell him the good news.”

Chidlaw found out about the scholarship at the annual Discover Internships and Career Development Fair, or DIVE Fair, at Linfield. The fair is hosted by the Career Development Center and aims to help students find ways to gain work experience while they are still in school.

Chidlaw said she was drawn to the opportunity for this scholarship because of her interest in living in Chicago, where the foundation is based and where she would have one of her internships.

“Upon discovering that Chicago was the location of this program, I knew I had to try my hardest for this chance,” Chidlaw said. “I felt like this was fate and finally a chance to fulfill my dream of living in Chicago and broadening my horizons.”

The Kemper Foundation selects first-year students from 16 colleges across the country to receive this annual award. It is awarded to students who demonstrate strong motivation toward service and community involvement and have a wide range of interests.

“They really emphasized in the information from the Kemper Foundation that they seek students who have diverse interests and are open to new experiences,” Chidlaw said. “I felt like this suited me well because I have always been passionate about a wide range of things, and so I made sure to discuss this in my application and interview.”

Chidlaw said that she is excited for the opportunities provided by this scholarship, and she would urge any new students to apply next year.

“Receiving the Kemper Scholarship means opening a door to a whole new world,” Chidlaw said. “I will get to live in a city, work and live with a group of all new people, and learn how to intern for the organization. I don’t truly know exactly what to expect, but that’s what I like about it. I am so enthusiastic about this opportunity I hardly know what to do with myself.”

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