Jobs After Linfield

Photo courtesy of Max Milander

Gilberto Galvez/Culture editor

Planning for something after college can be stressful for anyone, but some seniors already have their plans for next year made out. 

Max Milander has two jobs, one doing color commentary and play-by-play for the Medford Rogues at a local radio station and the other doing TV play-by-play for Table Rock Sports, an online company based in Southern Oregon.

Ariana Lipkind will be working in Vienna, Austria, as a Fulbright scholar, teaching English and conducting research on LGBTQ+ youth issues and the resources offered to them in Vienna.

Caren Siegel will work as an intern for Coeur de Terre vineyard as a sales rep and handling various winery events.

Max Milander

Milander has wanted do play-by-play since his freshman year. The hard part was always figuring out where he would be able to actually complete his dream job. Table Rock Sports looked like the right place, but it did take a bit to find it.

“In January, I had finished an informal interview with Brian Bishop, who works for KTMT 580 in Medofrd as their sports/news director. My idea was just to talk to as many sports and news directors in Oregon as possible about what they’re looking for out of recent college grads in the business,” Milander wrote.

Bishop gave Milander Pete Belcastro’s, the co-owner of Table Rock Sports, contact info. Belcastro agreed to an interview, and Milander drove six hours both ways to the interview.

“He did treat me to a slice of pie, so I guess it was worth it,” Milander said.

Belcastro offered Milander two possible jobs, one with Grants Pass High School or one with Eagle Point High School. Neither of the jobs were very certain. 

During spring break, Milander had an interview with Rich Burk, who does play-by-play for the Hillsboro Hops. Burk ended up being late to the interview, and while Milander was waiting he received an email from general manager for the Medford Rogues Chuck Heeman, who had earlier told Milander there was no job available with the Medford Rogues. The email offered Milander a job, since an intern had quit unexpectedly.

“Then a few days later, Pete finds out and sends me an e-mail completely on his own account congratulating me on the job,” Milander said.

Belcastro also told him that Eagle Point High School was ready to give him the job.

Milander received a lot of help from his advisor mass communications professor Michael Huntsberger. Milander’s dream job beyond the these two is to do radio play-by-play for the Portland Trailblazers. 

Ariana Lipkind

Lipkind is the current president of FUSION. Her position there has influenced her ideas beyond Linfield.

“During my time here a Linfield, I have been very active within the multicultural programs and FUSION, the gay-straight alliance. I was co-President, and as such I have strived to broaden our campus’s awareness of LGBT issues,” Lipkind said. 

Lipkind invited many speakers during her time as co-President like Shane Bitney Crone, from the documentary “Bridegroom.” She also proposed gender-neutral restrooms for here on campus and organized a FUSION trip to the Human Right’s Campaign Time to Thrive Conference. Lipkind is a German studies major.

The Fulbright Scholarship came from those two interests. Lipkind studied abroad in Vienna fall semester 2012, so she already knew the city.

“Originally, I hadn’t planned on doing research. I just wanted to teach abroad, but I soon realized Austria only offered combined grants for both research and teaching assistantships,” Lipkind said.

It was then that she turned to her other interest.

“I’ve always been very involved with LGBT organizations and LGBT youth support and throughout the past year I have come to realize that my interest is more than a hobby. I can see myself making a huge difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ youth,” Lipkind said.

Caren Siegel

Siegel became involved with the wine industry on accident after being accepted into the Oregon Wine Industry Experience Internship.

“I didn’t expect to like the experience as much as I did, but I’ve learned so much, and I think it has definitely been one of the more valuable experiences I’ve had in my four years at Linfield,” Siegel said.

Aside from the internship, Siegel has been prepared for her job at Coeur de Terre vineyard by majoring in creative writing.

“Surprisingly, a variety of majors built up the wine industry in Oregon to what it is today. I met so many people over the summer who were successful wine makers and vineyard owners who were history majors, English majors, math majors, etc.,” Siegel said.

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