Convocation recognizes student achievments, scholarship

Camille Weber/Columnist

This year’s convocation recognized students from across different disciplines, academic interests, and professional settings.

Many of our wildcats were recognized with placards, pins and even money through scholarships for their commitment to sustaining a level of excellence within their intended fields.

Linfield College’s Annual Recognition Convocation took place on Tuesday May 13 in Ice Auditorium.

Departments recognizing strong academic endeavors included the modern languages, English/creative writing, music, mathematics, business, mass communication, and visual art.

Seniors Tyson Takeushi and Bryan Takano earned the Japanese National Honor Society Certificate of Outstanding Achievement for their accomplishments in Japanese at the post-secondary level.

Sophomore Andrea Pakula, Trey Chiu, Dylan Solon, Mitch Vandeberg, and junior Kiera Thurman were the recipients for the Hildegard Kurtz Scholarship.

Senior Madelyne (Mattie) Wong won a $1,000 scholarship and was as a recipient of the Ballenger Scholarship in the Creative Arts for her excellence in Creative Writing.

The “Dukes of Hazards Lane Changes” team were recognized for their impressive run in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling where they were only beaten by five other teams in the United States.

The Charlotte Filer Linfield Journalism Award of $1,000 and J. Richard and Evelyn Nokes Scholarship of $2,500 was awarded to juniors Heather Brooks and Sarah Mason for their respected accomplishments in the mass communication department.

The Helen Blumensteil Merit Award in Studio Arts, Outstanding Junior went to senior Kelsey Garrett and Myra Lupe for $250 to recognize their hard work and commitment to art while the Helen Blumensteil Endowed Scholarship went to junior Lionel Parra for his tenacity and artistry in the art department.

Students were also recognized for their overall achievements to academics and extra-curricular activities.

The Pi Kappa Alpha chapter and the women’s soccer teams were recognized for their achievements in community service and given the Dave Hanen Senate Outstanding Service Award.

The Linfield library honored many of its committed employees with the Jerald R. Nicholson Library which was awarded to Kathie Byers (Archives), Kathleen Juan (EMS), Go Suzui (DC), Sara Scott (ILL), Hillary Krippaehne, Josua Tan and Jenna Lackson (Circulations), and Shelby VandeBergh, seniors Sylvan Tovar, Sujan Dhoju, and Kelly Yokoyama (lead student workers).

The ceremony ended with the reveal of the recipient of the Kemper Scholarship which rewards students with their overall achievement in higher education.

Kemper scholars receive significant annual scholarships and professional internships with major nonprofit organizations in Chicago.

The two finalists of this award were freshmen Emily Eisert and Patricia Roberts.

The scholarship was ultimately given to sophomore Tatum Chidlaw for her motivation in the classroom as well as her excellence as a well-rounded Linfield College student.

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