Wildstock caters to all audiences

Though Augustana has been announced as the lead band for this year’s Wildstock event, students are still reacting and talking about what they think.

It’s typically impossible to please everyone when making a decision that affects a large group of people, and in this case it is the Linfield student community.

Students all have different tastes in music, which makes it hard to for those on the Linfield Activities Board to decide on a neutral band that should please most students.

As mentioned in a recent editorial, LAB deserves credit for all of the activities they put on.

Wildstock is their largest event that they plan and it is one that takes all year to plan.

LAB’s main challenge is not only coordinating with the band itself but making sure the event runs smoothly.

There is food catered by local restaurants, games, and many other components that LAB plans for the event.

Though this event is funded through student body fee’s, those that are on the activities board try to find an artist that will be worth the cost.

It is easy to be the critic when you’re not planning the event.

Students should remember that all of the students who are on the activities board are also students who have their own commitments as well as planning a major event all year long.

Let’s not to forget to mention all of the other events LAB plans for students to participate in during the week and on the weekends.

Though many students were hoping for a band that would be similar in genre to Ryan Lewis and Macklemore who had performed at Wildstock two years ago.

Although events can be not nearly as fun as they once were when the same type of band plays every year.

Adding variety to the types of bands featured at Wildstock can help make memories of the event more exciting for those that attend it all four years they are at Linfield.

Whether you enjoy Augustana’s alternative/soft rock music or not, it is important to remember that Wildstock is put on for students by students.

-The Review Editorial Board