Wildcats sink the Pirates in four weekend games

The softball team crushed the Whitworth University Pirates in the away games at Spokane, Wash. on April 5-6.

The Wildcats continued their winning streak with a back-to-back win ending 7-3 and 2-0. Senior Shelby VandeBergh and Senior Karina Paavola and Junior Montana McNealy got 27 strikeouts. Linfield started off the games right of the bat with 3 runs in the first inning and never gave up that edge. In the fifth inning the ‘Cats got yet another 3 runs to make the final score of 7 runs.

In the next game the Wildcats completely shutout the Pirates. Linfield got the two runs in the sixth inning to make their final score and held off the ’Cats for the last inning.

The second part of the weekend doubleheader, the Wildcats destroyed the Pirates again with the score of 6-0 and 5-3. The ’Cats went back and fourth for two innings before an explosive third inning and then another in the seventh inning, while also shutting out the other team the entire time.

In the second game, the first inning went by uneventful and then in the second inning the Wildcats got two innings, but then the Pirates went ahead with three runs. The ’Cats got back on top with three runs in the fourth inning. The rest of the game was a back-to-back no score between the two teams.

The softball team will next be against Willamette University at home on April 12 starting at noon.

Stephanie Hofmann/Sports editor