Record breaker is the cutting Edge

Freshman Dallas Edge has always been known to be a hard-worker, relentless athlete, and wonderful teammate. However, Edge put the term history maker on the list as she broke Linfield Col-lege’s women’s 100-meter Hurdles record on March 22 with time 14.74.

“Honestly, I thought ‘I’m just gonna run this race’ and I warmed up feeling like I always do and by the third or fourth hurdle I realized that no one was next to me,” she said. “After the race Travis came over and said, ‘Oh by the way you just ran a 14.7.’ I hadn’t expected to run that fast this early and I didn’t even know the school record was broken. After the event, everyone came up congratulating me. It was awesome.”

However, Edge notes that her intentions of this season were not to break the school record. Rather, she wanted to achieve big goals like “making conference championships or qualifying for nationals.”

“I wanted to do whatever I had to do to have qualifying times,” Edge said. “All that matters to me is having a good season and our team winning conference—meaning I need to perform just as well as everyone else.”

Her excellence on the field has not come easily. Edge has worked extremely hard both inside and outside the classroom to achieve her goals.

“I just try to make every rep count. I treat everything like a race and I try to critique every little thing because in the end, those little things matter—they all add up to 0.01 of a second.”

Outside the field, Edge aspires to go into a sports-medicine field as a biology major in hopes of helping athletes like herself. She maintains a 3.4 GPA and previously competed on the ’Cats women’s soccer team.

Meanwhile, Edge says that her teammates and coaches have been crucial pieces to her successes.

“Coming into the season I didn’t know anyone,” Edge said. “I went home to train by myself and I came back and didn’t know anyone. Travis was cool and helped me to get back into the flow of things. But when I came back, I sensed a team atmosphere and it was awesome to become a part of that. Seeing what we’re about as a team.”

Going forward, “Everyone knows how close we are to being able to win and what it’s going to take from everyone to be on the same page. I want to win a conference title,” she said. “I want to make the finals everything I run but the bigger thing is, as a team, that everyone competes and shows up that day.”

As the Wildcat track and field team moves forward into the post season, there is no doubt that they will be seeing more of Edge and all of her accomplishments. While her career continues at Linfield, it is clear that Edge has no edge. Her fight and commitment is limitless and will allow her to continue to do great things both on and off the field.

Casie Gaza/Senior sports reporter