Earth week proves to be a success for students at Linfield

Hello my fellow Wildcats.

Earth Week has come to a close and what a fun-filled week it was.

We kicked off with great 10-mile bike ride around the nearby vineyards and farms off of Old Sheridan road.

It was a great study break on Sunday afternoon April 20, and luckily the sun made an appearance and was with us the whole way.

On Monday, April 21 we had the rad game show in Dillin Hall.

The game show is one of my favorite events because it’s a good way to learn interesting facts on how we impact the earth, how you can get involved with sustainability events on campus, and brainstorming ways to create a more sustainable campus.

Thanks to the participation from sophomore Ellen Massey, senior Dillon Casados, junior Trey Chui, senior Kaleigh Ansdell, senior Shelby Hollenbeck, and junior Joe Stevick.

The game show flew by with passion, energy, and laughs.

What happened next, you ask? Tuesday, April 22, was Earth Day and what better a way to spend Earth Day than at a dinner prepared with ingredients from a farm just 14 miles away.

After a fabulous meal, a discussion between the farmer, the chef, and food advocates ensued with a question and answer session with the students that came.

On Wednesday, April 23, there was the Stuff Swap Fashion Show.

Clothing was modeled as a way to advertise the stuff swaps that are put on by Greenfield club every other month.

On Thursday, April 24, the owner of Tommy’s, the bike shop on Third street, came by to share some his knowledge on the world of bikes.

Do you know how to change a tire on a bike?

Neither did I, but I do know now which may come in handy some day.

Riding a bike is something that most college students do so having basic knowledge of it can be quite helpful for those that ride bikes.

The culminating events of the week brought Earth Week to a close on Friday with the Earth Games, barbecue and live music.

There were eight amazing teams who strongly competed in the earth games course set up on the IM field.

Luckily they all worked up an appetite and happily joined the barbecue in front of Walker soon after completing the course.

Delicious veggie patties were served which were sourced locally from Portland.

The men of Delta Psi Delta were fantastic in helping cook and serve the patties to everyone who was there.

Dancing and singing was a great way to let loose and celebrate the end of the week with the live music in the Fred Meyer Lounge.

What did you all think of the earth day events?

What would you like to see next year?

We value all of your thoughts and concerns so we can improve all sustainability events we put on.

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Nicole Lewis

Office of Sustainability

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