Slam poet snaps expectations with experience

Natasha “T” Miller slammed an audience composed of admirers of the spoken word who attended the Cat Cab on Feb. 27 in Fred Meyer Lounge.

As Cat Cabs normally feature student or professional vocalists and instrumentalists, the poetry slam given by Miller was a rare treat. Miller spoke from her soul as she presented selections of her poetry.

The atmosphere of FML looked like a jazz club, as the cool blue lights projected down on the floor. To add to the scene, students snapped their fingers or uttered agreement in response to Miller’s poetry.

Miller presented a variety of poems that included themes of family, relationships, life and human rights.

Her first poem she presented titled, “Throwback thursday” spoke to the audience as the sounds of snapping buzzed in the lounge. Miller exclaimed in the poem that, “One day your whole life will be a throwback Thursday picture.”

Other poems Miller presented included “The other black man,” which she dedicated to the memory of 15 year old African American, Sakia Gunn, who was murdered in New Jersey because she told a pair of men that she was a lesbian.

Miller went on to include “My skinny poem,” “10 things I’ve learned over the years,” “To be honest for Halloween” and a poem dedicated to her nephew that explores the coming out of hip hop artist, Frank Ocean.

The open and friendly Miller, invited audience members to ask questions about herself and her poetry.

Miller responded when asked what she is passionate about by stating that “I am passionate about forgiveness.”

She also commented that she has two ways she focuses when writing poetry. The first is when an idea hits her in the shower and she jumps out to write it down. The second is jokingly, “Having 18 cups of tea, cooking some food and being engaged in multiple things.”

She is inspired by Adele and admires slam poet, Andrea Gibson. Growing up in Detroit taught Miller much about life.

She leads activism projects in her hometown concentrating mostly on support for human rights, specifically for the LGBT community.

Miller has competed in the International Women of the World Poetry slam, starred in a Sprite commercial and was most recently featured in a “Vogue” article. To keep up with Natasha “T” Miller, follow her on Twitter @Tmillerpoetry.

Jonathon Williams / Opinion Editor 

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Natasha “T” Miller recites her poetry from memory in front of a snapping crowd at the Fred Meyer Lounge on Feb. 27.



YuCheng Zhang/Senior photographer