LAB deserves more student recognition

Students at Linfield College are fortunate enough to have a student-run organization that’s purpose is to create fun events for everyone to partake in.

Almost all of the events are free, ranging from trips to Portland, going on hikes, seeing professional sporting events and many other fun and exciting events.

The Linfield Activities Board, more commonly known as LAB, spends a great deal of time making sure that there are things on and off campus for students to enjoy.

Most students think that Associated Students of Linfield College is the student government group that does the most activities on campus.

Without a doubt both ASLC and LAB spend a lot of time planning events for students to partake in.

Somehow students may not realize, or are misled on what LAB does.

As March 15 is quickly approaching, students will be informed at the screening of the Disney movie “Frozen” shown in Ice auditorium, who will be performing at Wildstock in May.

Students who are a part of LAB work all through the academic year putting on events and catering to student ideas.

What not all students may know is that the Cat Cab’s on Thursday nights are all put on by LAB.

That includes booking the performer, whether they are a professional or student, arranging the furniture in Fred Meyer Lounge to make it a space for audience members and having a student sound technician at all performances to meet the needs of the performer(s).

“Since McMinnville isn’t the most happening place I feel that it is really important to bring events to campus for the students to be able to attend,” sophomore Ellen Massey said. Massey is the special events chair for LAB. Massey also mentioned that the best part of her job is, “When students come up to me after a show and say how much they enjoyed it and give me advice about events they would like to see on campus.”

Students on campus should continue to give input to LAB since the group is funded through ASLC which by extension comes from part of the fee students pay for the student body fee.

-The Review Editorial Board