Expanding your horizons on campus

We’ve all heard about the Linfield bubble, but our own personal bubble can become much smaller than just all of Linfield.

We should remember that Linfield has a lot more to offer than what we see at first glance.

It can be easy to get stuck in our routines, especially when we feel like we don’t have time to do anything else.

As college students we should always be open to experiencing new things.

Freshman shouldn’t be the only ones to have completely new experiences.

Class. Class. Work. Class. Friends. Sleep (maybe). The only club you attend.

Our days can become so cemented, but Linfield has a lot to explore.

There are always new clubs, and there might also be older clubs that we’ve never seen before.

I’m not saying you should leave the club you’ve been attending regularly since freshman year, but take a chance in another one just for fun.

You might be surprised by how much you like it or the new friends you make

As a freshman, I’ve noticed that most of the students at Linfield are always open to making a new friend.

It’s one of the reasons I like our Linfield bubble, even if it can become a little restricting at times.

This willingness to make new friends is also a good way to get new experiences,

If you end up in an LC class with no one you know, take the time to create a new study group.

Don’t just cruise along avoiding anyone. Learn a few names. Find a few new people to say “Hi” to.

Another place to experience something new can be with your work study or a leadership position or a new sport.

Sign up to mentor a freshman or become an resident advisor to learn more about our Linfield bubble and become more involved.

There are also many places to explore in Linfield.

It may sound a little strange but why not make a point to visit all the residence halls through your four years. Every single one of them is different.

Another great place to explore is in the library. Browse for a strange book or even head back into the archives for a tour of Linfield history through pictures and old books.

Linfield should never become boring.

Freshmen tend to experience something new every day at least in their first semester, but the upperclassmen can find new things at Linfield too.

If you get stuck in the Linfield bubble, you might as well make the most of it.

Gilberto Galvez / Features editor

Gilberto Galvez can be reached at linfieldreviewfeatures@gmail.com