Linfield students are fortunate to have safety precautions in place that protect them when their health is at risk because of excessive alcohol consumption.

Medical clemency is a policy in place on campus for students for exactly this purpose.

The Oregon State Legislature is in the process of forming House Bill 4094 into a written law for the purpose of saving teen lives, as the medical clemency law would allow under-age drinkers to not be charged if they called for help.

Not all colleges and universities are graced with medical clemency.

Willamette University, Lewis & Clark College, and Pacific University had no information available on their websites stating if they had a medical clemency policy.

There are many positive aspects for having a medical clemency policy for students.

Though some may argue that it’s just a way for people to get out of trouble if they were drinking too much, it can also be a lifesaver for those that did consume too much alcohol and who require medical assistance.

The policy covers a large gap of “gray area” for students who are worried that they might get into trouble for under-age drinking, but ultimately, they are helping save a friend’s life.

As long as students cooperate with police and are clear that a friend is in need of medical attention, the police usually cooperate well, and with House Bill 4094, they are ensured medical clemency from the police.

Students should continue to remain vigilant and take advantage of Linfield’s medical clemency policy when a friend’s life is in danger.

Though many students don’t want to have to deal with explaining to authorities what happened and why their friend(s) are so sick it is always worth it to contact people that can help.

Don’t risk a friends life by not acquiring for medical attention when we are fortunate enough to have a school that values the health and safety of its students.