Wildcat prepares for upcoming tennis season

Anxiously awaiting the start to their upcoming season, the Linfield Women’s Tennis team is radiating with high morale and positive energy. January term was packed full of practicing and conditioning for these girls; and their spirits were high for their first match, Jan. 14, against the College of Idaho. Senior, Caroline Brigham is confident that the team’s hard work will pay off in these upcoming matches.

“I feel good about it. They’re not in our conference so I’ve never really seen them play, but I think we should do well,” Brigham said.

The team is starting off their season healthy and fit, much to the liking of their coach, Lisa Macy-Baker. Macy-Baker keeps the girls in prime shape through daily practices consisting of hitting drills, match play, and an emphasis on lifting and sprints. Overall fitness is a large focus for the team this season.

“You can tell already before we’ve even played matches that it’s paying off,” Brigham said. “Our endurance as well as our speed and agility have increased. Lisa [Macy-Baker] wants us to work hard and she pushes us to do the best we can.” This is Macy-Baker’s first year as the head coach of Linfield’s Women’s Tennis team.

As with any team sport, not all motivation stems from the coaching. Some of Brigham’s most compelling motivation comes from her supportive teammates. The girls all get along well and are great friends, which makes for a strong team dynamic that ultimately has a positive effect on their performance.

“Tennis is something I’ve done my whole life, and playing here at Linfield has made me fall in love with tennis even more,” Brigham said.


Senior Caroline Brigham hits the ball with an overhand swing during a practice match in the fall semester. Brigham hopes to lead the team to a great season this year.
Photo courtesy of Caroline Brigham

This being Brigham’s last season playing Linfield tennis, she hopes to use her leadership to leave behind a positive impact on the team.

“Everyone on the team has taught me something, even those who are younger than me,” Brigham said. “They are always teaching me things that make me a better player and a better person.”

Brigham hopes that the camaraderie that the girls have together now will continue even after she is no longer playing along side them.

“I think that is what makes our team so special,” Brigham said. “We know how to compete hard, but then go home and be friends after.”

Mikenna Whatley/Staff Writter