Movie exposes men’s struggles with sexism

Special Lovincey / Columnist

We’ve all heard the expression, “boys will be boys,” a saying that is often times used to reinforce and excuse the stereotypical behavior of boys.

Thomas Keith’s, “The Bro Code: How Contemporary Culture Creates Sexist Men,” critically examines the role media plays in shaping sexism in a male dominated society.

Keith narrates and lays out “bro-culture” using four steps seen in contemporary media that perpetuates a constructive male masculinity.

The film opens by showing a reel of different media that embody sexism.

The variety of obscene clips including, “Rebel without a Cause,” to present-day music videos and advertisements, have one thing in common: sexism.

“When I was young, I never thought about it as being anything other than normal. You know, women were here for our sexual enjoyment. Almost every guy I knew thought like that. And really has anything changed today?” Keith says of his experience growing up in bro-culture.

“The Bro Code” breaks down masculinized movie characters that play the womanizer. These are the rich, charming and powerful characters that women want and men want to be.

Characters such as Tony Stark and James Bond, who hold power and privilege but must of all, a sense of entitlement.

“Rule one of the bro code is to build men who feel the need to control and dominate women. Do you know anyone like this?” The film calls to the viewers to question our own sexism and the sexist acts of masculinity all around us.

“The film game me a different perspective… it makes me look at things differently,” sophomore Achmat Jappie said after seeing the film.

“The Bro Code” examines the porn industry and adult films that exemplifies degrading and abusive acts towards women called Gonzo pornography.

Keith argues that porn defines men’s views of women due to the young age that boys are introduced to pornography.

Hence, step two of the bro code is: immerse men in porn.

In addition to pornography, some of the behaviors of college fraternities, rape jokes and “masculinity cops” all encompass sexist acts in men.

Whether in the shape of themed college parties that sexualize women or television shows that marginalize certain groups and degrade women femininity, all of these cultures shape gender norms in men and female.

“The Bro Code” is a very eye opening film that challenges the audience to question their conceptions of masculinity in oppose to reinforcing these gender stereotypes.

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