Classical groups combine for memorable night

45 Band Culture

Spencer Beck / Staff Photographer

Gregory Ewer and Adam LaMotte of “3 Leg Torso” break loose of their classical musician poses in the energy of the second half of their show. The musical group, “45th Parallel,” combined with “3 Leg Torso” for a concert on Feb. 21. The first half of their concert was “Sextet in C
Major, Op. 37” by Ernó Dohnány. As a general rule, songs written in the key of C major are happy. This song is an exception, said Gregory Ewer. The song was chosen for its harmonic ambiguity. Ewer is the artistic
director for “3 Leg Torso.” The second half of the show featured
adaptations of upbeat, poppy, fast paced songs.


Spencer Beck/Staff photographer