Soloists Sing Broadway Classics

Students from the music theatre cabaret class performed Broadway musicals on Nov. 21.

The theme of the event was “The Lullaby of Broadway.”

“This term we have been focusing on repertoire up through the 1960s, which were known

as the ‘Golden Years’ of musical theater,” said Adjunct Professor of Music Natalie Gunn, who

directed and prepared the students in their performances for the event.

Broadway scenes and songs were performed from a variety of musicals, including

“Anything Goes,” “The Fantasticks,” “Street Scene,” “Carousel,” “The King & I,” “Showboat,”

“Guys & Dolls,” “Annie, Get Your Gun.”

The performers included Izgi Gulfem Torunlar, junior Ryan Thompson, junior Jeremy

Odden and freshman Mary Beth Jones. The students performed duets and solos to the songs. All

four of them also sang together in the beginning and end of the event.

During the final song “Anything Goes” by producer Cole Porter, both Odden and

Thompson acted out proposal to two women from the local Hillsdale Retirement Community.

One of the women, Kit Nelson, said that it was honorable to be purposed to at her age.

“Cole Porter was saying [in the song] isn’t it amazing how times have changed,” Gunn said

when describing the significance of “Anything Goes. “Isn’t it amazing how loose and crazy

people are. Now it’s 2013 and ‘Anything Goes’ means something very different.”

However, Gunn also said that through the performance the performers to the “Anything

Goes” the performers work portray the innocent spirit of the era when the song was produced in 1934.

“[The event] was lovely. I did not know what to expect at all,” said Gale Williams,

member of Hillsdale Retirement Community and 1947 Linfield alumna.

Gunn said that in May the music theatre cabaret class will be focusing modern day

repertoire from the 1970s through today’s new music.

by Mariah Gonzales / Culture Editor