Jazz night features funky tunes

Linfield College Jazz Band gave a funky performance on Nov.

20, in Ice Auditorium during their annual Jazz Night Concert.

The ensemble was led by Associate Professor of Music, Steve

Kravitz and was a combination of both Linfield students and

members of the McMinnville Community Ensemble.

The night was kicked off by Erik Morales’s ”Feelin’ the

Funk” which featured a strong brass section and an authoritative

bass line. The trumpet section towards the end of the piece used

mutes to transform the brassy sound of the trumpet to a

heightened and higher pitch, creating an interesting blend with

the rest of the ensemble. “Send in the Clowns” composed by

Stephen Sondheim followed the funky number which put the

spotlight on the saxophone section. The number also and featured

soloist Justin Waterhouse on a well-done trombone solo and a

nice tutti featuring the all of the brass section.

“In the Mellow Tone” brought the audience back to a classic

Duke Ellington swing feel. The piece featured the rhythm section

walking an evident blues scale and featured powerful dynamics

from the rest of the ensemble. “Spain” was featured next which

took the audience by storm opening with its strong dynamics and

sultry sound. The piece was especially advanced with a three

against four time, making the ensemble look to the strong rhythm

section to lead them through the piece. The piece also mirrored

a sassy flute played by freshmen Olivia Marqyadt that mirrored

the exotic Spanish feel.

“Slide Ride” provided a fun and corky feel to the

performance featuring the trombone section. Next was Lullaby

in Birdland featuring vocalist senior Gulfem Torunlar and an

impeccable rhythm section. Torunlar’s smooth alto voice in the

ballad captivated the audience with a soft piano solo featuring

senior Max Milander. Torunlar treated the audience again with a

jazz favorite “The Lady is a Tramp” by Tony Bennet. This sassy

number featured yet again the impeccable tone of Torunlar as

well as a strong swing from the rhythm section.

“88 Basie Street” written for the infamous Count Basie

Band, featured a smooth piano solo by Milander. The famous

tune was written to display the talents of the keys player and

Milander delivered, leading the band throughout the piece with

multiple piano solos.

The concert concluded on a strong note with a piece called

“Omaha” by Maynard Ferguson. The piece featured a break to

feature sophomore drummer Jeff Laws and also featured senior

bassist Sylvan Tovar and multiple solos from the sax section.

Overall the concert was a nice treat for the Linfield Campus and

community members alike.

by Camille Weber / Columnist