Students leave Dillin Hall underutilized

When most people think of places to study, thoughts automatically go to the library, Starbucks, Fred Meyer Lounge and dorms or apartments.

More often than not, Dillin Hall is not thought of as a prime place for stu- dents to go study. A reason that contributes to this is the fact that few students realize that the hall is open until midnight.

The Catty Shack and adjacent coffee/sandwich bar in the hall are both open for students until midnight Monday through Thursday.

If one was to come into the dining hall during the evening, they would find a few Sodexo employees working the coffee counter

and Catty Shack. As for the dining hall, there might be a couple of friends study- ing for a test while enjoying a coffee or a sandwich.

If you are looking for a quiet place to study, this is the place for you.

When looking around, it becomes clear why the hall is not used as much as the usual Fred Meyer Lounge or library.

Freshman Kayla Moore, a student employee in Dillin, said that she believes the hall isn’t used as a study space mainly because not a lot of students know that it’s open till midnight.

“{I} enjoy studying in Dillin because it’s quiet and the tables are big enough that if you are studying for an exam on your own or in

a group you can lay out all of your materials,” Moore said.

Moore also finds that on an average night, there are about five to seven stu- dents that will come and study during the evening.

Some drawbacks for studying at Dillin when walking around the hall was that there aren’t very many outlets to plug in your laptop to.

There is still hope for Dillin to gain more students in the evening hours.

Something that students may notice during the day when they are eat- ing at Dillin is that there are many groups that use the conference rooms for meetings and for lunches or dinners. Dillon will peri-

odically advertise that student groups and clubs can use the Northwest Alcove or two of the other conference rooms to present a project or have a catered team dinner.

Since the hall is spacious enough, it could definitely be a great place for large groups of students to come study for midterms, finals or any exams they might have.

One thing that remains certain is that Dillin is a great place to study for anyone who needs a quiet and central location. It’s also a great place to go if you need a coffee or quick bite to eat before you study.

-The Review Editorial Board