Student studies at Linfield, works on the runway

It doesn’t take a lot to figure out why sophomore Savannah Fellers was first scouted by a modeling agency when she was 15. She’s a striking 5’10’’ with blonde hair and blue eyes, and she radiates confidence.

Her mother was skeptical about letting her get a job as a model at the age of 15. Fellers listened to her mother, but when she was scouted again as a college freshman by two modeling agencies, she and her mother looked at both modeling agencies and chose one—Muse Models.

“They’re known as a ‘prude agency,’” Fellers said. “You won’t do anything that is risqué unless they go through to make sure it’s okay.”

Muse Models’ status as a prude agency was one of her reasons for joining the agency. Fellers also admires how they encourage the models to be healthy. Instead of telling their models not to eat, Muse Models tells their models about the healthier choices. It’s the kind of life Fellers would try to have even if she wasn’t a model.

Fellers decided on modeling because she wants to become a fashion designer. Working with Muse Models, Fellers is allowed to make connections with her contacts and try out her creativity. Fellers described an instance from a runway show she did in Portland Oct. 9-12 for FashioNXT as an example.

“There was this one dress I had to try on for FashioNXT,” Fellers said, “but the boob area was too big. You can’t tell the fashion designers what to do, but you get to give them ideas.”

Fellers was inducted into Muse Models in October 2012. Later that year in December she completed her portfolio and was already going to castings in early January. Ever since then, Fellers has balanced school and modeling. The four days she was at FashioNXT she would get up early, do homework, go to class and then commute to Portland.

“On occasion, there’s times where I’ll have to miss class,” Fellers said. “The FashioNXT thing was more like no sleep. I prioritize with my mom. School is more important.”

At Linfield, Fellers wants to major in finance or marketing and minor in art. She believes that all three disciplines would help her become a successful fashion designer, and her mother will keep her on track at college.

“[My mom] wanted it for me,” Fellers said. “She was there for every interview. She wanted to be there every second, but after she met the people at my agency she was more comfortable.”

Fellers got her first job in March, and it was the most risqué job any model from Muse Models would do.

“It was for a bra for Fred Meyer,” Fellers said, laughing.

Although Fellers models for photographs, her favorite jobs are those on the runway.

“It’s like acting,” Fellers said. “People underestimate models. Each outfit that we wore for FashioNXT was a different mood, a different face. When you get put in the outfit and make up, you get to feel like you are that person just for a few seconds as you walk down the runway. It’s pretty cool.”

This summer, Fellers will possibly intern in New York through contacts she made with her dad, who is a widely known horse trainer. As a fashion designer, Fellers plans to begin with equestrian apparel and move on from there, but that is all in the future. At the moment, Fellers will continue her modeling career, possibly into her 20s.

Gilberto Galvez/Features editor

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