Senior pianist holds composition recitals

On Tuesday night Nov. 5, senior Zach Gulaboff Davis had his composition recital at Delkin recital hall in the Vivian Bull Music Center. This is his first of two senior recitals, his piano recital will be on April 19, 2014.

First, Davis performed two movements from his Suite for Piano. It is a three-movement set that was the first compositional work beginning composition lesson in November 2012. This piece demonstrates his budding interested in combination of consonance and dissonance within a single work.

Then, Davis and sophomore Quillan Bourassa performed Elegy for Clarinet and Piano, which was composed in September. Following a two piano piece Scherzo for two pianos performed by Davis and Professor Chris Engbretson.

This Scherzo contains many unanticipated musical elements, as the meaning of Scherzo is “music joke.”

Next, a group of musicians from Salem performed Davis’s String Quartet No.2: “Five Character Pieces.” This five-movement piece addresses different emotions to be determined by the audiences through creating a balance between instruments, exploring the full range of emotions, and maintaining a degree of audience appeal.

The movements are: Allegro con fuoco (fast with fire), Adagio cantabile (slow and stately in singing style), Presstissimo (more than extremely fast), Moderato (moderately), and Presto (extremely fast).

The Sonata for Viola and piano is the piece that helped him win the American Federation of Music Club’s competition for chamber music.

During the recital, this piece is performed by Professor Victoria Pich and Debra Huddleston. This piece explores the instrument’s expressive range and the many colors it affords the composer.

Last, also the climax of the recital, Davis conducted a group of musicians from Salem performed two movements from his String Octet, which is composed for eight string instruments.

This work contains some of dissonant elements, such as the first movement is completely atonal and full of dissonance.

As a senior music major at Linfield College, Davis is completing recitals in piano performance and composition during the 2013-2014 academic year. As a pianist, he has been future as a concerto soloist, chamber musician and solo performer, and has performed in multiple events with many ensembles.

Davis currently studies piano with Dr. Albert Kim, assistant professor of music. As a composer, Davis’s Sonata for Viola and Piano won the American Federation of Music Club’s competition for chamber music, as mentioned before.

Another works were featured in concert during the 2013 Oregon Bach Festival. Most recently, Davis has completed the composition of his Piano Concerto No.1

He is currently studying composition with Richard Bourassa, professor of music. Upon graduating, Davis will pursue a graduate degree in music, studying composition and piano.

YuCheng Zhang / Senior photographer

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