Local author to discuss novel

Local McMinnville novelist is to give a discussion on his book, “Our Frail Blood” that centers on the complex familial bonds of the Felice family. Each chapter of the novel is written from the different points-of-views if the Italian-American parents and their five children, who are first generation born in the U.S.

Peter Nathaniel Malae will be discussing his novel on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m. in Nicholson Library.

According to Malae’s website, Malae hopes to capture the representation of the modern day American family in his novel.

Not only do the diverse point-of-views the characters ad the novel’s complexity, but the various time jumps within the novel also do as well said Reference and Instruction Librarian Jean Caspers. Caspers has recently read Malae’s novel.

“It seems to me that the ways that family members take care of each other or fail to do so is one of the main themes,” Caspers said.

This novel displays the various relationships that the characters have, including the relationships of the children with their parents and with each other. And also the way the characters react to life’s circumstances, like death.

In addition, one of the main conflicts in the book focuses an issue that involves the elderly mother Maria Serafina Felice. The mother lives in a long-term care facility.

There is conflict among the characters regarding, “Who should pay for what and what kind of care she should have,” Caspers said. “This is a pretty universal issue that most families deal with in one way or another.”

“Our Frail Blood” follows the Felice children throughout their adolescent years in the 1950s through their adult years into the ‘80s and ‘90s.

In Addition, Malae follows one of the Felice children Murron Teinetoa into her adult years, where she raises her son as a single-mom in a broken household.

Malae has also published two other novels including “Teach the Freeman” and “What We Are”, a New York Times Editors Choice.

For more information about Malae and his novel attend the book discussion. Or visit his website at peternathanielmalae.com.

Mariah Gonzales / Culture Editor

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