Women’s golf team falls short on home course

The women’s golf team lost by 21 points with a score of 358 against Lewis & Clark College’s 337 on Oct. 20 at the Michelbook Country Club.

“We think we can get some really low scores,” freshman Abigail Heringer said. “We have been working really hard. We really think that we can do well.”

Leading the team was Heringer who got first out of 12 players with a score of 79. Heringer finished the tournament with 10 pars and one birdie. Other players to recognize are senior Alexandria Smith who finished fourth with a score of 84 and sophomore Maggie Harlow who finished sixth with a score of 86. The other players were junior Erin Crofcheck got a 109, freshman Laura Waller got a 110 and junior Malika Reynolds got a 120. Overall the team scored a total of 28 pars and 1 birdie during the entire tournament.

“I think we did really well,” Heringer said. “We were all happy with are scores. It was a hard course but we all liked where we were at.”

The team is playing next at the Northwest Conference Fall Classic on Oct. 26-27 at Stone Creek to determine if the team continues on in the season.

“We could shot really low,” head coach Brynn Hurdus said. “We have been doing well at practice and playing well. We have to potential to do it, but we just have to pull through we it matters most.”

Stephanie Hofmann / Sports editor


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