Timberlake’s album is a success

Putting out a second album within less than a year of the first one is a risky decision that Justin Timberlake took on with The 20/20 Experience. The second part was released on Sept. 30.

The former boy-band member debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Rhythm and Blues and Hip Hop Albums.

His first record, The 20/20 Experience, one of two was highly successful and put high pressure on the success of Two of Two.

The album is filled with songs that highlight Timberlake’s unique vocal quality and Rhythm and Blues tone. Artists featured on it include Drake and Jay Z.

Famous music producers, Timberland and Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon helped produce the album.

The first track, “Gimme What I Don’t Know” starts off the record with a sultry vibe with accented percussion in the background.

“True Blood” has the typical J.T. syncopation that makes his music distinct. The hook “I think she’s got that true blood” is very catchy and you will never forget the song once it is over.

“TKO” brings back a lot of the Timberlake from the Justinified album that everyone loves. It has the same feel as “My Love,” but with more of a scratchy effects and heavy drums.

At the end of the track, a breakdown is featured that accents Timberlake’s vocals. This is one of the best tracks on Two of Two.

The leading single for Two of Two is “Take Back the Night.” Its July 13 released helped promote the upcoming album and let the public know that Timberlake had no plans to slow down just yet.

The song’s disco vibe is similar to Michael’s Jackson’s 1979 album, Off the Wall, specifically with the song “Rock With U.” It is about how he is trying to woo his love interest.

The lyrics otherwise are not meant to provoke any special meaning besides supplement the instruments.

“Murder” features Jay Z and its high tempo makes listeners want to continue to hear what is going to happen next. Jay Z’s verse was not up to the standards previous set with his recent release of his album, Magna Carta. His lyrics were not as creative as his normal material and did not showcase him at all.

“Drink You Away” sticks out from the others with a keyboard and tambourine as two of its main instruments. It is different tone than the other tracks but still features Timberlake’s sultry tone.

“Amnesia” has the same tone as “Mirrors” and highlights Timberlake’s vocal range. The song is about a break up and him wanting to forget everything about their relationship.

If you purchase the album, there is also a hidden track called “Pair of Wings.”

The track has a completely different vibe than the rest of the album. Timberlake’s vocals are only supported by a guitar. Its smooth silky tone gives listeners a chance to see a different side of him.

Its metaphorical chorus, “And if I had a pair of wings/ I’d pick you up and fly you far away from here” provides imagery and a dreamy sense to the song.

The 20/20 Experience Two of Two, overall, held to the standards of One of Two. Timberlake made a comeback after his seven-year hiatus that many will admire.

Ivanna Tucker / KSLC Assistant Music Director

Ivanna Tucker can be reached at linfieldreviewculture@gmail.com