The benefits of a work study position

There are many opportunities at Linfield to prepare yourself for the future.

So far, my best choice to prepare for my life after Linfield has been getting a work study position, which has ultimately led to even more on-campus job opportunities.

Obviously, any type of job looks good on resumes. However, I think you gain certain aspects from a work study position that you might not gain from an off-campus job.

First of all, a work study position allows your schedule to be more flexible.

Bosses at Linfield know that school comes first, and because of that they are more accommodating about schedules.

If a big test is coming up and you need to study, many of the employers at Linfield are willing to adjust your hours accordingly.

Also, a work study position helps you make connections and network on campus, which is a huge asset both personally and professionally.

It is really nice to know the faculty and staff on campus that you wouldn’t otherwise know without a work study position.

This makes campus feel more welcoming as a whole.

Some of the nicest faculty and staff I know on campus, I have met through a work study position.

They are always kind enough to ask me how my classes are  going and see how I am doing.

It is nice to have people on campus, other than your friends, that genuinely want you to succeed in school and after graduation.

These will be the people who are willing to write amazing recommendation letters and help you in the quest for that perfect job after Linfield.

Additionally, their professional advice really comes in handy, especially if you plan on applying for graduate schools.

I currently have two positions and enjoy them both immensely.

Since both of my jobs relate to my career of choice, I am very luckily.

But even if there are no options like that for you here at Linfield, I still recommend getting a work study position on campus. The networking and connections you will make will make it worth it.

Everyone is always urging students to get involved on campus, and have a work study position is a great way to start and get paid at the same time.

So I urge everyone to try to get a work study position on campus

Alyssa Townsend / Opinion editor

Alyssa Townsend can be reached at