Teen musician has unique talent

When I listen to songs that are penned and sung by teenage artists, I’m in awe. They possess an ability and talent that I wish to have.

Singer, songwriter and musician Garrett J. Brown bursts into the music scene with his debut album “Priorities” was released on June 21, 2011.

Having an ear for music, Brown wrote his own lyrics and taught himself how to play piano, harmonica and guitar at a young age.

Hailing from Vermont, Brown earned his first big break when he won the 2009 Burlington First Night Rising Star Talent Search with “Passerby,” which is included on his album.

He also was named “Artist with the most potential” after performing at the Hard Rock Café in Boston.

“Tuesday” both opens the album and introduces a young Garrett J. Brown to the music world. Brown utters “we are who we are and there’s no changing that,”which assures listeners of a self-aware artist who is grateful for his opportunities thus far.

“Kickback” is a catchy and upbeat tune that will have friends tapping their feet.

Brown’s confidence comes through as he confesses, “I don’t have much to say, but it don’t matter when you figure out what you’re going to do.”

“House of Cards,” titled before the hit Netflix original show, is a highlight on the album as it integrates saxophone with a Hawaiian-esque melody.

Echoing the musical style of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, Brown delivers an inviting sound of upbeat percussions and enthralling ballads.

Brown aims to please crowds of all kinds as his sincere lyrics resonate to audiences of all ages.

In the self-titled track, Brown demonstrates his maturity in his song writing as he sings, “it’s not the stages you’re in, the places you’re in or the people you’re with, it’s what you’re feeling.”

Mastered and produced by Jeff Lipton and Robert Loyot, Brown’s “Priorities” delivers an essence of folk, rock and jazz for a versatile crowd.

The production team somehow creates an intriguing balance of Drums, guitars, harmonicas and saxophones, which distinguish Garrett J. Brown from other 17-year-old musicians.

Brown closes his album with a relaxing acoustic tune, which includes lyrics that demonstrate a social need for change.

Though some of his lyrics are clichéd, Brown offers an interesting sound for musicians his age that are not commonly heard of on the radio.

Garrett J. Brown’s “Priorities” is available for download on iTunes.

You can also check out “Priorities” on KSLC 90.3 FM and listen online at www.linfield.edu/kslcfm.

Vanessa So / KSLC Music Director

Vanessa So can be reached at linfieldreviewculture@gmail.com