Study nooks hide all over campus

Midterm week finds most students frantically studying everywhere, and an easy place for students to study is the Nicholson Library. But what happens when someone else takes your favorite library study space?

The library, Starbucks and the Fred Meyer Lounge aren’t the only places outside of your dorm room you can study in. Hidden around campus are all sorts of nooks where you can get your thinking caps on. Each academic building has their own, or even multiple, spots. You could just as easily study outside, as long as it isn’t raining.

Sophomores Kiera Thurman and Kiera Downs study outside when the weather is nice.

“It was nice because we’re more with the trees and the grass and stuff,” Downs said.

Senior Melissa Green studies in the lounge of the Vivian A. Bull Music Center while completing her work study there.

“It’s really quiet,” Green said. “There’s usually hardly anyone here. Sometimes, I’ll hear someone practicing piano in the background.”

Green also studies in the lounge of the second floor of Walker.

“I’m an anthropology major, so it’s my territory,” Green said.

Students can study almost anywhere, just make sure that you have easy access to the building whenever you may need it. You might end up having to study in the library some days, especially on the weekends when the academic buildings are closed to general student access.

Gilberto Galvez/Features editor

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Sophomores Kiera Thurman (left) and Kiera Downs study on a picnic table near Starbucks. Surprised by the pleasant fall weather, the two students decided to take their homework outside.

Many of the academic buildings have spaces where people can study. This one is located in the basement of T.J. Day Hall.

Freshmen Lizbeth Bravo and Hang Le study outside of Campbell Hall.

A nice place to study is Withnell Commons. It is usually empty and easy to access on the weekends.

Senior Melissa Green studies in the lounge of the Vivian A. Bull Music Center, where she also works.

All photos by Rosa Johnson