Students Battle For Parking Spots

The fight for parking spots near the Hewlett-Packard Park Apartments is never-ending.

Often times, students rush back from work or classes hoping for the perfect open parking spot. Most of the time, hopes are crushed, and other times it’s a definite win to steal that easy spot.

Some students have been seen thrusting their fists into the air after victoriously landing a parking spot—one with zero parallel parking involved, not in the softball danger zone and actually close to their apartment.

Many students grumble over the fact that there is not enough parking for students.

This lack of parking is especially apparent during sporting events. The flood of alums, visitors and other sports fans take over parking spots that would otherwise be for students.

Although we love all of the support for Linfield activities, students should not be getting the short end of the stick in the parking debacle.

The lack of available parking may be discouraging students to not bring their cars to campus. However, students, especially upperclassmen who live in the HP apartments, should not be discouraged to bring their car to campus.

The ease of mobility with a car helps many students find jobs, have internships, network and connect with the town of McMinnville.

Our solution to the consistent fight for parking, especially during game days, is to create more specific student and visitor parking spots near the HP apartments.

Some students get upset when there are no parking options, so student-only parking areas could potentially improve students’ outlook on visitors.

In a recent campus-wide email Rebecca Wale, director of College Public Safety and Environmental Health and Safety Human Resources, promised additional parking and additional loading zones.

Additional parking and loading zones seem like they would cancel each other out. When loading zones are added, parking spots are likely to disappear. Wale also said where the new parking spaces would be added.

“Some overnight parking spaces have been added to Keck Circle, just south of the HP apartments,” Wale said in an email. “More spots will be added shortly. As in past years, overnight parking is only allowed in marked spots in the Vivian Bull Music parking lot.”

Hopefully, enough parking spaces will be added now that this email has been sent out.

Ultimately, students should be more accommodated for when it comes to parking because we are the ones paying tuition.

-The Review Editorial Board