‘Recycled’ admins introduced at faculty lecture

Several of the new faculty additions to Linfield’s administration, who were formally introduced with their new titles on Sept. 16, are not actually as new to Linfield as we might have thought.

One “new” admin, Josh Merrick, holds a degree from Linfield, and has worked here in the past.

He introduced himself as a “recycled Linfield administrator” at last Monday’s admin assembly. Merrick graduated from Linfield in 2007.

“After graduation, I worked for [Linfield] in the facilities department for a year,” Merrick said in an email.

“In 2008, [I] began working as an area director for residence life. In the fall of 2011, I transitioned to the Portland Campus for a year where I worked primarily with [the] student government and student life programs.”

Merrick left Linfield at the end of the 2011-2012 school year to work at a brewery, a lifelong dream.

After a short time as a brewer, Merrick realized that Linfield had been a “much better fit” and has since returned to the Portland campus.

Merrick is now working with residence life and housing and is the assistant director of student life for the student government.

“My main responsibilities are to manage the residence hall, advise student government and of course, support students in any way I can,” Merrick said in an email. “My favorite part of my job is [building] relationships with students.”

Two other “new” additions to Linfield’s administration have degrees from Linfield.

Jenny Morgan, a 2013 graduate, is an intern at the Office of Community Engagement and Service.

She works with students involved in Change Corps and alternative spring break.

She was featured in the Sept. 16 edition of the Linfield Review in “Linfield helps grads find work in higher education.”

Another “new” admin, Joni Tonn, graduated from Linfield in 2006 and is now the interim director for the Office of Community Engagement and Service.

“I truly care about community,” Tonn said in an email. “[I] am both humbled and excited to be in this position.”

One admin has changed departments.

Bruce Wyatt is now the assistant to the president.

Only three of the new admins introduced on Monday are entirely new to Linfield.

Jennifer Gossett is the coordinator of Linfield’s Learning Support Services.

“I am very excited to be at Linfield,” Gossett said. “I’ve had a very warm welcome from students, faculty and staff here.”

Betty Henninger has been hired as the associate director of Human Resources and Administration.

David Ostrander is the new vice president for Institutional Advancement.

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