Participate in ‘No Waste November’

Hey Wildcats,

No Waste November is quickly approaching.

What is No Waste November you ask?

It is period of time to become aware of the amount of waste you are creating, the impact your consumption has on the environment, and work on reducing it.

Maybe even creating a zero waste goal.

As you may have heard, Linfield is working towards zero waste. We have composting in Dillin, residence halls, and select places around campus. Recycling is also prevalent in residence halls and around campus. We are lucky to have these options so we should use them responsibly and think before we throw things away.

Know before you throw: Food waste is the only thing that can go in the compost bins. Paper, cardboard, metals, plastic containers, and plastic bottles are the items that can be put in the commingled recycling.

Of course, glass scraps and glass bottles should go in the glass recycling. Things that do not fit into those categories can be thrown away and will be taken to the landfill. I support every one of you to take advantage of the opportunities we have to create a more sustainable campus.

Furthermore, there are a few events happening to raise awareness for No Waste November. At 7 p.m. on Nov. 18 in Riley 201 there will be a presentation focused on zero waste efforts internationally, in the McMinnville community and at Linfield.

From 2 to 4 p.m. on Nov. 9 in the Fred Meyer Lounge there will be a Do-it-Yourself workshop hosted by Greenfield focusing on repurposing old T-shirts you no longer use into a creative shag rug. Both events should be informative and inspiring.

During No Waste November we are focusing on the themes of food and water (Nov. 1-9) energy (Nov. 10-16) and solid waste (Nov. 17-23.)

We are choosing one thing to do for each of these three weeks in these categories. Challenge yourself this month by choosing an action step towards reducing your individual waste and see how long you can keep it up.

Maybe your action will be to bring a reusable cup to Starbucks.

Maybe it will be to use the new composting buckets in the residence halls.

Maybe you could ask your green chair about what is recyclable on campus.

Perhaps after a week, it will become a habit and it won’t seem so difficult after all.

Taking the extra time to compost and recycle, or making the effort to bring your reusable bag shopping and take shorter showers may seem insignificant, but every small step adds up.

Every person has a role to play in No Waste November and moving towards zero waste. For other sustainable news, check out our web page and like us on Facebook.

Nicole Lewis / Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability can be reached at