Mr. and Miss Linfield lacks participation

Homecoming week is one of the best times during Fall semester.

There is a huge football game, tailgating, barbecues and of course an overflow of school spirit on game day.

But how much of that school spirit is being shown at school events by students involved in a wide variety of organizations and clubs?

Overall, the Mr. and Miss Linfield pageant was hilarious and the student attendance was outstanding. Each of the contestants deserved to win because of their love for Linfield.

However, the competition only had Greek life competitors this year, which has been the case for quite a few of the past several years.

Did you know that Mr. and Miss Linfield is open for everyone at Linfield to compete in?

Well then why are non-Greek members of the Linfield Community not representing?

These are the exact questions many of us have been wondering.

One theory is that students at Linfield aren’t aware that the competition is open for everyone simply because it is predominantly full of Greek competitors.

Maybe Greek members just tend to be more outgoing because of the fact they have up to 40 close friends who promise to be at the competition supporting them, chanting their name and wearing the same lettered shirt.

Either way, an increase in   non-Greek participants in all competitions on campus would help Linfield as a whole.

“[More participants} would increase school spirit and create a stronger community. [The more participants,] the more students would show up to support their ally, increase energy levels at the event,” said senior Dillon Casados, Linfield College Associated Students of Linfield College president.

Nonaffiliated students need to realize that their participation is not only needed, but wanted.

Just because they don’t have a necessarily built in cheer section, doesn’t meant everyone won’t be excited to see them show off their talents.

Everyone should feel welcome to participate in competitions on campus, and that is what we hope to see improve.

“I’m convinced our community is strong enough to give support to those who aren’t even representing an organization, no matter who it is they are there to support,” Casados said.

-The Review Editorial Board