Missing their parents is not an issue for some students

A group of friends can easily become like a family, especially when you are away from home and attending college. Some students; however, have family right here at Linfield.

Curtis Terry is in the family business

            Junior Curtis Terry’s mother, Paula Terry, has worked in the library for 19 years as the acquisitions, cataloging and administrative support coordinator. Both Curtis Terry’s brother and sister were admitted to Linfield. His sister, Courtney Terry, graduated with a degree in anthropology. Occasionally, she works at the Nicholson Library as a consultant for special projects. Curtis Terry works in the library at educational media services.

“It’s the family business, I guess,” Curtis Terry said.

His decision to attend Linfield was greatly influenced by his mother, and he says there are a lot of perks to having a parent who works at Linfield.

“It’s really nice to get advice from her on professors,” Curtis Terry said. “She can kind of guide me, whenever I have a question about something happening in school, she’s my go-to. Sometimes she knows exactly who I need to talk to.”

Kara Grant follows in her father’s footsteps

            Senior Kara Grant’s father is Dr. Randy Grant, professor of economics and the department chair. Kara Grant decided to attend Linfield because of her father.

“I think I knew the college really well beforehand,” Kara Grant said. “I had classes with him when I was younger. I knew that I liked the college and the family atmosphere and I get tuition remission.”

Students with parents who work at Linfield receive tuition remission based on how many years their parent have been working at Linfield.

            Another decision Kara Grant made based on her father’s profession was picking her major.

“I am a math and economics major,” Kara Grant said. “I just fell in love with it once I really got used to economics. [My dad is] a really good teacher, so it makes it exciting.”

Her favorite perk is being familiar with the campus and the department she works in.

Mackenzie Green studies history, not biology 

            Originally, junior Mackenzie Green wasn’t sure she wanted to attend college where her mother worked. Her mother is Heather Long, an upper-division lab coordinator for the biology classes. Mackenzie on the other hand, wasn’t interested in pursuing biology during her time at Linfield.

“I’m good at biology, but it’s not my thing,” Mackenzie Green said. “I really enjoy my major, which is history.”

Before Mackenzie Green decided to come to Linfield, she looked at other options. Her mother even suggested a few colleges for her to look at that weren’t Linfield.

“My decision to come to Linfield was more of a financial thing than anything else,” she said. “I honestly don’t think I would have gone here if I was a science major. My mom and I both agreed that we didn’t want to work with each other that much.”

Mackenzie Green does appreciate the benefits of having her mom work at Linfield.

“I can be like, ‘Hey mom, could you go pick me up this and this,’” she said. “I don’t have to be as self-reliant. I can go over and talk to her if I have a problem.”

Mackenzie Green’s younger brother, a senior in high school this year, doesn’t have Linfield at the top of his college list. Mackenzie Green has talked to her brother about attending Linfield, but says that he hopes to get a football scholarship to play at  Western Oregon University.

Alexis Preston sees the pros and the cons

Junior Alexis Preston has not only one parent, but both parents working here at Linfield. Her father is Dan Preston, vice president of enrollment. Her mother is Jayne Preston who works as a student-teacher supervisor in the education department.

            “My dad kind of forced me to take a tour,” Alexis Preston said.

            Before the tour, she had only been familiar with her father’s office in Melrose and the football team.

            She likes that her parents work where she goes to school because her father is able to help her figure out problems she encounters. However, there is one thing that she doesn’t enjoy about having her parents around.

            “I don’t like how my dad always knows what I’m doing,” she said. “It’s okay, but he knows a lot of the people I talk to, they’re like his little spies.”

            Having a family member that works at Linfield can certainly be helpful, and the financial aid it provides is substantial. However, some students like Mackenzie Green would not mind a different experience away from her mom. Others are really close to their parents, and are even majoring in the same department or working at the same location. Everyone is different.

Gilberto Galvez/Features editor

Gilberto Galvez can be reached at linfieldreviewfeatures@gmail.com


Junior Curtis Terry with his mother, Paula Terry, who works at the Nicholson Library.

Senior Kara Grant with her father, Randy Grant, who is the chair of the economics department.

Rosa Johnson/Copy editor

Photo courtesy of Kara Grant