Kings of Leon releases new, vibrant album

After a three-year hiatus, Kings of Leon return to the music scene with “Mechanical Bull.”

I remember when I first heard “Supersoaker” a couple of months ago and thought, this sounds like the old Kings of Leon.

Of course, this is a compliment to the Nashville-based band who are 13-year veterans in the music industry.

Kings of Leon are a Grammy award-winning band that formed in Nashville, Tenn. in 1999. Brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill comprise the band as well as their cousin Cameron Followill.

Though Kings of Leon gained early and critical recognition around 2003 with their track, “Use Somebody” it became a smash hit for mainstream radio and earned the band three Grammy awards. “Mechanical Bull” is King of Leon’s first studio album in three years after the release of “Come Around Sundown” in 2010, which received mixed reviews.

“Mechanical Bull” offers a sound with more vibrancy and urgency that will please both longtime and new fans of the band.

After experimenting with different sounds in their last couple of albums, Kings of Leon makes “Mechanical Bull” a back-to-basics type album reassuring fans that they are still the classic-rock band that most fans grew to like with their fourth studio album, “Only by the Night.”

Kings of Leon creates a diverse sound that suits all ears.

The band provides the rocker, heavy-tempo beats with “Don’t Matter” and “Tempo” and the midtempos such as “Rocky City” and “Tonight.”“Supersoaker” kicks off “Mechanical Bull,” the band’s sixth studio album, with a track that is an homage to their longtime fans.

The band released the track in July and it has a nice summer vibe that perfectly transitions into the fall season.

While “Mechanical Bull” includes songs that people could embrace, clap and shout to in an arena, the album takes a few turns that tug on some hearts.

Caleb gently sings “love don’t mean nothing/unless there’s something worth fighting for” in “Beautiful War,” a gorgeous and subtle ballad.

Another ballad, “Wait for Me,” has Caleb repeating the chorus enough times to create an emotional impact that will entice listeners and leave them wanting more.

Though the album includes the track “Comeback Story,” don’t expect the band to offer apologies and beg to get in people’s good graces.

Caleb sings that he’s got the “comeback of a lifetime/ I walk a mile in your shoes/ And now I’m a mile away/And I’ve got your shoes.”

Kings of Leon’s standard and deluxe version of “Mechanical Bull” are available for download on iTunes.

Vanessa So / KSLC Music Director

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