‘Disaster Date’ comedian performs for students, parents

K-Von, the comedian, writer, actor and host of MTV’s show, “Disaster Date” performed at Linfield in the Ice Auditorium on Oct. 26.

K-Von cracked lots of jokes toward himself, college life and dating.

His act was during family weekend, and he incorporated the audience of students and parents. K-Von joked about parents and the parental habit of chatting with their kids what not to do that their kids do anyway.

“You know what you should do parents? Do those things so that they are no cool anymore to the kids,” K-Von said.

K-Von made fun of his own Persian-Scottish background. His dad is Persian and his mom is “regular white,” K-Von said.  K-Von’s new comedic DVD and T-shirts are titled “Tanx God,” or thank God, a phrase used by his father who speaks broken English.

“The comedian was good,” senior Jacob Neibergall said. “I laughed. My parents laughed. That’s all that matters.”

“He’s the funniest Persian slash Scottish man I ever met,” senior Alana Stanton said.

At the end of the show K-Von featured a slideshow with funny pictures he’d taken of bad advertising and funny signs. For instance, one of the pictures was of a K-Von standing under a sign for a Vietnamese restaurant called “Pho Kim Long.”

“I want to encourage everyone to find laughter in their everyday life and all around,” K-Von said toward the end of his show.

“I was impressed with the comedian tonight. He was by far the funniest this year,” sophomore Katy Devore said. “He even had the mom next to me laughing so hard, tears were streaming down her face.”

K-Von has also performed onstage with other comedians including Josh Tosh, Maz Jobrani, Russell Peters and Brand Garrett.

K-Von has done stand-up comedy around the world including India and Dubai. His experiences from these places were also featured in his comedic act.

K-Von also has his own YouTube channel “kvoncomedy.”

For more information about K-Von visit his website K-voncomedy.com or his WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. His username for social media is “Kvoncomedy.”

Mariah Gonzales / Culture editor