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Wildcats crush Spartans, 45-0

The football team had a blow out game against the Case Western University Spartans with a final score of 45-0.

This was the first time the team had ever played a school in that conference.

The team had to trust their skills and be ready at any moment to change their plays.

“We just keep to the same system,” head coach Joe Smith said. “We take account for what the team is doing and make changes from there. [We] make adjustments on the fly and at half time. We are really good at that.”

The first half ended with the team 24 points ahead of Case Western, but that wasn’t enough.

The defense showed what they were made of by not letting the Spartans get a first down the entire first half.

However, the offense let Case Western intercept the ball two times, and despite the defense constantly giving them the ball, they didn’t score nearly as much as they would have liked.

“For us, all of our motivation came from being frustrated that we were only up by 24 points and knowing that we should be playing much better,” senior quarterback Josh Yoder said in an email. “I think that says a lot about our team; it doesn’t really matter the score of the game, if we win by seven points or 45 points, we have such high expectations for ourselves that if we aren’t playing as well as we know we should, then it is still a bit of a let down even if the margin of the victory is high.”

The team isn’t letting these wins get into their heads as they move on into the season. They know what they must do to get better and are ready to put in the effort to get there.

“I think there is a ton to improve on,” sophomore Brain Balsiger said in an email. “To reach the heights we expect to we need to clean up the mistakes with penalties and our execution. If we continue to focus on the little things the potential is great for this team.”

The football team will be facing Pacific Lutheran University in next weeks homecoming game witch will be a big game for both teams.

After beating them two times last year, the Lutes will be looking for revenge this weekend.

“It’s great to honor those that have come before us at Linfield College,” Balsiger said. “Our program is based so much around tradition that it’s cool to see all the alumni back and to honor them. This is a huge being a key rivalry game and our conference opener so we are anticipating a battle on Saturday. Should be a fun one and I know the team is ready for the match up.”

The Wildcats are at Maxwell Field for their homecoming game against the Pacific Lutheran Oct. 5 at 1:30 p.m.

“We’ve played these games and know how to be successful,” Smith said. “Our guys know that aren’t at the level that they are going to have to be at yet. Our goal is not just to get to playoffs or win this game.”


By Stephanie Hofmann/ Sports editor



The Wildcat defense goes in for a tackle during a game against Case Western University on Sept. 28. The defense shined during the game by not letting the Spartans get a first down the entire first half and not letting them score a single point the entire game. Linfield is playing Pacific Lutheran University for the homecoming game on Oct. 5 at 1:30 p.m.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Bird


Sophomore Brian Balsiger (5) catches the ball during the Case Western game in
Cleveland, Ohio. Balsiger caught eight passes and ran 99 total yards, the most catches and total yardage of anyone during the game.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Bird

Winning streak comes to an end for women’s soccer

The Wildcats took their first loss of the season on Sept. 29 in Walla Walla, Wash., against Whitman College, ending their winning streak with a score of 2-0.

The Wildcats had managed a perfect 8-0 record until their match against one of fellow Northwest Conference team, Whitman College.

Even though they have a loss on their record now, they still have a very impressive gals-goals against ratio, leading their conference at  24-6.

They are still leading the conference with an overall record  of 8-1 and 4-1 conference. The closest competitors are Whitman with a 7-3 record, and Pacific with a 6-1-2 record.

The Linfield Women’s soccer team started off on Sept. 28 in Spokane, Wash., playing Whitworth University. The team walked away with their eighth win of the season.

Senior Emily Fellows score tacked on her ninth and tenth goals of the year, scoring both of Linfield’s goals in their 2-0 win.

After this win, they improved their record to 8-0, with four wins and not a single loss in conference.

Fellows said that they “played well as a team, moved the ball really well and never gave [Whitworth] any real chances on goal.”

She also added that the game against Whitworth was “one of the best games we have played all season.”

This high praise by the Linfield team leader did not carry over into their second game of the week though.

“We were not ready for the physicality of the game and we let them have chances on goal that they capitalized on,” Fellows said. This was only Fellow’s third game without scoring a goal.

The Wildcats hope to bounce back and start another winning streak with their game against Willamette University on Oct. 6 at 12 p.m. at home.

This is the beginning to a home-game stretch through Oct. 16.

By Drew Mahrt/ Senior sports reporter


Men’s soccer continues cold streak

The Linfield Men’s soccer team’s losing streak has ensued. The team tied on Sept. 28 and lost on Sept. 29.

The Wildcats ran into more tough match-ups and could not pull through. On Sept 28., they tied with Pacific Lutheran University after double overtime with a blanked out score of 0-0.

The two teams combined for 32 shots on goal, but couldn’t find the back of the net in any of them.

Linfield goalkeeper, freshman Jorge Rodriguez, kept Pacific Lutheran University scoreless with six saves in the game, but the Wildcats offense could not prevail.

Rodriguez commented about what goes through his mind as a shot is coming at him.

“The very first thing I ask myself is, ‘how much time do I have to make the save?’” Rodriguez said in an email. “Goalies make their decision to step right or left and dive high or low in a split second.”

“In a 1-v-1 between the forward and the keeper, it’s all about timing,” Rodriguez said in an email. “As soon as the forward takes his touch, I will come out with everything I got, making myself as big as possible to cover the most amount of space, and finally take the hit to the ball and through the player.”

Linfield’s defense did not continue into the game on Sept. 29. They allowed three goals in their 3-1 loss against Puget Sound University.

Surprisingly, less shots on goal were taken in this game than the previous one with only 26 total. Four total goals were sold.

Rodriguez, who split time in front of the goal in this game with junior Grant Loriaux, accounted for two saves but allowed three goals.

“I feel like I played poorly, but not because I missed easy stops,” Loriaux said in an email. “I didn’t do my normal work before the ball was crossed. I should have checked the back posts to make sure everyone was marked, then followed their runners to the near posts. Thats how they scored their goals.”

Linfield managed to score a goal, but couldn’t get any other offense going. Freshman Rhys Lendio was the man responsible for Linfield’s one and only goal, coming off of an assist by senior Jake Baker. That was his first goal of the year.

Linfield will hope to break their cold streak and bring home a win at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 5 against George Fox University in Newberg, Ore.

That game will be followed by a game at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 6 in Forest Grove, Ore. against Pacific University.

By Drew Mahrt/ Senior sports reporter


Wildcats hit the net, add two more losses

The Linfield volleyball team comes up short in weekend matches, Sept. 27 and 28.

The Wildcats were outlasted by the Lewis & Clark College Pioneers, who won 3-0 on Sept. 28.

While Linfield stole an early lead, the Pioneers were not far behind, and tied it up with a rally at point eight. After earning their ninth point, Lewis & Clark steadily pulled ahead outscoring the Wildcats 25-16 in the first set.

Warmed up and ready, Linfield managed to catch the Pioneers at point eight in the second set, and pulled ahead for what looked like would be a Wildcat win. However, going point-for-point from point 16 on, the Wildcats were just two points behind, earning the Pioneers the second win, 25-23.

Still fired up, the Wildcats clawed their way toward the win, once again going point-for-point till the end. The set was briefly interrupted for five minutes after the fire alarm was pulled. The game resumed shortly after College Public Safety cleared the building.

Linfield closed in on the win, but it was swept out from under their feet, when Lewis & Clark pulled ahead with a final two points, winning, 26-24.

“I think we did well on our defense,” junior Kailana Ritte-Camara said in an email. “We picked up balls, and continued to fight no matter the score. I think I did well on giving what I can through out the game, whether its on defense or offense.”

The Wildcats tapped paws with the Willamette University Bearcats Sept. 27, narrowly losing 3-2.

Linfield earned the first two points of the first set, the first by freshman Suzanne Dahl and a service ace by junior Courtney Wanamaker.

The Wildcats and Bearcats continued to battle it out through the first set, but Willamette could not catch Linfield. The Wildcats won the first set 25-21.

Similar to how the first set had started, the second set started off with a Linfield lead. It wasn’t until point 17 with the two teams tied, that the Bearcats pulled ahead for a last minute win in the second set, 25-23.

Re-energized, Linfield took to the court in the third set, and pounded away at an early lead. Not allowing Willamette a chance to catch them, the Wildcats defeated the Bearcats in the third set, 24-19.

With the same energy the Wildcats previously had, Willamette hit back hard, stealing the lead from the beginning, outscoring Linfield 23-10.

Starting out the final set, Linfield took a three point lead with the first two points earned by freshman Sam Hammons, and an error made by the Bearcats.

The Wildcats struggled to keep their lead and Willamette earned the final win, 15-10.

“After this weekend, we found out how hard we could play, no matter the score,” Ritte-Camara said in an email. “But we could always improve and retain our energy through out the whole game, not just the beginning of the game and toward the ending.”

Despite the close match, the Wildcats and the Bearcats both battled hard. In total, Linfield managed to earn 49 kills. Hammons outscored Ritte-Camara for kills by one, earning 12 kills against Willamette.

“We are going to go back to practice on Monday and continue to work hard,” Ritte-Camara said in an email. “We are going to be working on tough

serves and being aggressive in front.”

The Wildcats will face off with nearby George Fox University at 7 p.m. on Oct. 4 in Newberg, Ore. The following day, Linfield will compete against Pacific University at 7 p.m. at home.


By Kaylyn Peterson/ Managing editor



Outside hitter junior Kailana Ritte-Camara readies a serve to the Willamette Bearcats in the second period. Ritte-Camara led the team in attack percentage at .038 and was one of the top hitters for the team, making 11 kills that match.

Photo by Helen Lee/ Photo editor


Junior Audrey Frazier (10) reaches to set the ball for Suzanna Dahl (14) in the third set of the game against Lewis and Clark College on Sept. 28. Frazier was one of the top setters along with freshman Casie Gaza this match with 12 and 19 sets respectively.

Photo by Helen Lee/ Photo editor

Sports are the world’s common language

Sports are a language that everyone can speak.

That’s the beauty about it, especially for athletes like freshman Marisa Kume, who was born in Nagoya, Japan and didn’t start running organized cross country until her sophomore year of high school.

Kume lived in Japan until her sophomore year of high school before following her older brother to the United States for a study abroad program at

Redding Christian High School in Redding, Calif.

According to Kume, cross country teams are unheard of in Japan, so when the opportunity arose at her American high school, she jumped on it, or rather she ran, to it.

“The closest thing we have to cross country in Japan is track and field,” she said. “When I heard there was a small team at my high school, I was excited to try it out.”

Kume signed herself up for the team and the rest is history.

After deciding to continue her education in America at Linfield, Kume was excited for the opportunity to join a collegiate cross country team.

She was attracted to Linfield’s small size, the student-professor comradery and of course the rainy Oregon weather.

Despite English being her second language, she is speaking cross country pretty well.

She is the number two runner for Linfield, and placed third overall in the Linfield Harrier Classic.

“When I was in Japan, I liked running on my own,” Kume said. “Being on the team here is relaxing, but at the same time we all work hard. Everyone has to run for themselves and the team, which helps motivate me to work harder.”

In addition to being a hard-worker on the cross country team, Kume is a hard worker in the class room.

She is an exercise science major and wants to eventually become a physical therapist.

Kume compares athletics to her academic goals.

“I like running long distances even though its hard to keep going,” she said. “Similarly to running long distances, I have to be patient with becoming a physical therapist because I know it will take a lot of schooling.”

Competitors should not be fooled by the language barrier.

Although English may be her second language, just like her competitors, Kume hopes to make it to regionals.

“Yes, I am from another country, but I can communicate with people through sports,” she said. “Even though we don’t speak the same language, the basics are the same. Sports are the one way we can communicate with people from all over the world.”


By Sarah Mason/ Copy editor



Freshman Marisa Kume, an exchange student from Japan, holds her own at the Linfield Harrier Classic on Sept. 7. She finished third place at the classic with a time of 24:59.57.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Gibbon