The Body Poets absorb McMinnville culture through dance

Instead of showing a movie or hiring a comedian, Linfield College brought the The Body Poets to perform for students in Ice

Auditorium on Sept. 15.

Body PoetsThe Body Poets are a group of dancers who travel around the United States performing at various colleges and universities. In their

dance act the group dances to a variety of songs using expressive dance moves.

“We try to explain the song,” said Omeed Simanto, group member and director.

The group began their performance in full body covering yellow spandex, and wore black clothes over the Spandex, while reenacting

“Pure Imagination” from the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” amongst the audience, before continuing the dance on


Throughout the night, The Body Poets dance soundtrack ranged from Disney, Backstreet Boys to newly released single called “The

Fox Song” by Ylvis.

However, the group’s show is constantly revolving and changing.

The group also got the audience to participate in the music and dancing by non-verbally motioning for the audience to repeat lyrics in


The Body Poets also danced with the audience to “The Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper.

“This has been one go the most fun acts in Ice that I have seen in a long time,” senior Holli Brouillette said.

The Body Poets began eight years ago with Simanto’s vision of creating a dance crew.

The crew consists of four men, each having a distinct dance style. The four originally came together with different talents; including

fire entertaining, martial artist and tap dancing.

Simanto recognized the talent in each one of them and decided to teach them all how to dance and perform to various types of


The Body Poets dance crew entertains and dances with the crowd to a variety of popular songs in Ice Auditorium on Sept. 15. Students
were pulled on stage to participate in dance reenactments.

When asked what type of dancing the group would call their dance style, Simanto said, “our style is that we have no style.”

Two years ago The Body Poets made it on America’s Best Dance Crew.

Since then, the group has performed with professional artists, including T. Pain, Flo Rida and Omarian.

The group also recently interviewed with Ceasar’s Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino about doing a performance.

When the The Body Poets travel to a new town or city for a performance they make it an effort to explore that city.

“We do this thing called the ‘mainy,” Simanto said.

The “mainy” consists of finding the main street of a town or city and exploring it.

The group visited Third Street, where McMinnville locals received a free performance.

The group broke out in dance once they heard “Kung Foo Fighting” by Carl Douglas playing on outside speakers in front of one of

the Third Street restaurants.

However, The Body Poet’s performance at Linfield was a success.

“It was entertaining and the crowd was definitely into it,” junior Vanessa So said. “Even though the crowd was small, they were very


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