Senior football player takes a hard head-hit

On Sept. 14, during the football game against Hardin-Simmons, senior cornerback Brandon Funk, experienced a full-targeting hit to the head.

The collision occurred when an opponent headbutted Funk, just seconds after senior Kyle Wright had been tackled, ending the play.

“The play started just like any other,” Funk said in an email. “I was about four yards from him [Wright] at the time the play was over. I had started to take my mouth guard out to get the play for the next down, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground.”

The referees ejected the Hardin-Simmons player from the game shortly after.

Not only did the referees see the head collision, but the entire nation later saw a clip of the headbutt featured on ESPN.

The clip was shown as an example of why the “no targeting” rule exists.

“[Its] kinda cool I guess,” Funk said in an email. “No one wants to be on a national stage [seen being] trucked, but I’m fairly confident that just about anyone, under those same circumstances, would yield pretty similar results. So that makes it not so bad and the fact that I wasn’t hurt at all makes it fun and exciting to be on ESPN.”

By Stephanie Hofmann/ Sports editor