New sushi restaurant splashes into McMinnville

McMinnville is getting a new slice of Japanese culture as a new sushi restaurant aims to open its door by October.

Sushi Kyo Express has taken up occupancy in the strip of businesses across the parking lot from Albertson’s, at 887 SW Keck Dr.

 After eight years and two other locations in Salem, the business owner’s decided to branch out to McMinnville.

“When we were driving around we saw the college and right here, [there wasn’t] any sushi places,” Elvis Yan said. “We decided to come here and give it a try.”

Sushi Kyo is family owned, according to Yan. As part of the family, Yan explained that the manager of McMinnville’s SushiKyo has not been chosen, but it will be decided before opening in October.

“We’re trying to [open] by the first week of next month,” Yan said. “If that does not happen, we’ll [try] for sometime in October.”

 According to their website, “at Sushi Kyo, [their] goal is to provide people with healthy and delicious foods,” and “[the] atmosphere is tranquil and inviting, and our staff is courteous and knowledgeable about the menu selections. We treat our staff like a family so that in return, they treat our customers with respect and are eager to please,” Yan said.

The food at Sushi Kyo features traditional Japanese cuisine as well as some sushi rolls with a new twist. The price ranges from $1.35 to $2.45 for sushi available from the conveyor belt bar. They also sell party platters for $37.95 to $52.60. Sushi Kyo also has a selection of non-sushi items so that anyone can enjoy.

 While the restaurant is under construction, the owners declined access inside.

 “We want it be a surprise for everyone,” Yan said.

The restaurant’s website features a blog, featuring the business’s updates, short articles on sushi and where coupons are available.

For more information on Sushi Kyo, visit their website at

Kaylyn Peterson / Managing editor

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