New and improved KSLC radio system

Over the summer of 2013, Linfield’s student radio station received several major upgrades that has the station poised for one of the most successful years in its short history.

Using its funds from the Associated Students of Linfield College (ASLC), the station purchased and has installed a new automated music system.

The system will a replace an outdated one and allow for a much more professional style broadcast to come out of the studio. Not only will the system upgrade the flow of music, new features will allow shows to be produces much more like a professional commercial station.

Along with upgrading the automated music system, live-assist and voice tracking, two of the most common features of larger stations will now be possible. The new software will allow for recorded pieces to be done in advance and inserted into the system. The equipment inside the KSLC studio wasn’t the only thing that received some major upgrades.

The station also purchased a new remote broadcasting system, which will improve the station’s already successful sports broadcasts. On top of this, plans are in the works for KSLC to broadcast all comedians and Cat Cabs this year. The new KSLC staff is excited to get a new year started and bring the station’s great content to the entire campus. Along with music, the station also provides talk shows on sports, pop culture. News Director Max Milander will be starting up the station’s first one hour news show soon.

Technical Director Jeremy Odden has been in the middle of all of the happenings at KSLC. He has been instrumental in the installation of the new automation as well as all of the cleaning up that has gone on at the station. “It’s been a long, fun process,” Odden said. “ We’re slowly cleaning up and streamlining the station, and still have a few ideas up our sleeves!”

KSLC is open to any student that wishes to contribute a show. To schedule a show and setup a training time, contact General Manager Jerry Young at

For more information about the station, along with a complete schedule list for in studio, remote, and sports broadcasts, head to

Jerry Young / KSLC General Manager