Indie-pop album flows with soulful lyrics

Sunday Lane. Just the name sounds memorable.

The singer-song writer released her first LP, “From Where You Are” in 2012 and is quickly gaining the attention she deserves.

Described as indie-pop,”From Where You Are”, features songs that resonate with the younger crowd. Writing nearly every track on

her album herself, Lane opens her heart, questions and explores the challenges of her youth, being in love and growing up.

“Get to You,” opens the album with a soft piano introduction, while Lane’s Ellie Goulding-esque vocals take over. With lyrics like “We

still haven’t seen how mean the world could be.”

“A Little Too Young,” showcases Lane’s Midwestern twang and the background vocals complement and add warmth to the song.

Although her album features lighthearted, care-free songs, the album delves into darker territory.

“Let Me Go,” “Painted Blue” and “Waltzing with Fire” display Lane’s vulnerable, melancholic and somber mood, which also reflect her

soulful song writing.

“Waltzing with Fire” presents Lane in her high, emotion-ridden element. Listeners will easily compare her vocals to Ellie Goulding,

who possesses the vocal range of a soprano and delivers a high vibrato and hoarse-like timbre.

Lane’s vocals convey the rustic, contemplative and sorrow tones of her lyrics in contrast of the album’s light themes.

The multi-talented singer showcases her production skills with one of my favorite tracks on the album, “Want You Back,” which Lane

infuses synths and piano with slight vocal distortion.

The young artist’s depth and understanding of song writing is a natural process. Lane says that she writes songs as a coping

mechanism, drawing from both experiences and intuition.

Lane’s background as a classically-trained pianist also helps her feel at ease when she writes songs. “I am most in my element

when my hands are on the keys,” Lane tells LAFamos.

The 23-year-old Tulsa native moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams, she has had two songs featured on ABC Family’s

“Switched At Birth,” and the now-defunct television series, “One Tree Hill,” which has been known to give recognition for many up-andcoming indie artists.

Vanessa So

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