Cat Camp encourages overall school spirit

The importance of school spirit is often overlooked in everyday life. Of course you hear the combined roar of students and alumni during the homecoming football game or championship baseball game. But rarely do you hear students applauding their extraordinary peers who study abroad, tend to the community garden or receive a high grade point average.

Luckily, a new Linfield tradition, Cat Camp, focuses on instilling an all-encompassing Linfield school spirit into new students. Aug. 22 marked the first ever Cat Camp at Linfield College. The football stands were filled with new students and their parents. School administrators and students rallied with the crowd through Linfield trivia and facts about the many successful programs here.

“Cat Camp was super fun. I learned a lot about Linfield thanks to Dave Hansen’s fun trivia session,” senior Michon Hunsaker said.

“The entire event was really exciting and spirited.”

Rather than just focusing on a few specific programs, the event included details about all of the organizations at Linfield. Academics, sports and arts were all highlighted and recognized for excellence during the event.

Many freshmen thought Cat Camp was a great way to kick off their time at Linfield.

“It was certainly informative and a good introduction to Linfield,” freshman Zach Knight said. “The cheerleading was great, and the speakers were all interesting and engaging.”

It was also a great chance for leaders at Linfield to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. Many resident advisors, peer advisors and Associated Students of Linfield College members were applauded during the event.

“At first I was a bit nervous at how the incoming students would react to Cat Camp. However, Cat Camp turned out to be a huge success. We had a great turn out with incoming freshmen lining up around the block…I believe we all received a feeling of being welcomed and at home,” junior Maya Luque said.

All Linfield students deserve to be recognized for their achievement in whatever they choose to focus on during their time at Linfield, and Cat Camp was a great introduction to inclusive and continuous school spirit.

“It was cool to hear about all the achievements, and it got me excited to be here,” freshman Ryan Potter said.

We challenge all Linfield students to continue Cat Camp’s mission by showing support for every student and program here at Linfield. In doing so, school spirit will increase and Linfield will feel even more welcoming than it already does.

The Review Editorial Board