Wildcats unsaddle Cowboys, 71- 21

tavonwillis Linfield college vs hardon simmons from Kelly Bird

Sophomore running back Tavon Willis dodges advances of the on-coming Hardin-Simmons player. The football team was ahead of
Hardin-Simmons for the entire time and by halftime the Wildcats were 33 points ahead of their opposition.
Photo courtesy of Kelly Bird

The football team started this season off strong with a 71-21 win against Hardian-Simmons University at Abilene, Texas, on Sept.


Since the first game of the season wasn’t until late in September, the team had a lot more time to prepare in the preseason. They

used this to their advantage by practicing every day and perfecting everything.

“The preseason went well, I thought the coaches did a great job of pushing our tempo and causing chaos that we will have to deal

with in game situations,” said senior quarterback Josh Yoder in an email. “Also we have had a lot of young guys stepping up and

earning spots or are at least pushing older guys to make them better.”

Coming out of preseason, the team never expected the game to be an easy one. They looked at it as a challenge that they were

determined to overcome.

“I expect HSU to be a very physical opponent, and I expect them to play with their hair on fire down in West Texas,” Smith said. “I

have nothing, but the utmost respect for their program. It will be a grueling trip, tough conditions and a very strong opponent. We will

mikeyarkans.chadcoburn from Kelly Bird

Sophomores Mikey Arkans and Chad Coburn tackle a player in the first game of the season. Linfield stayed in the lead throughout the
game and eventually beat Hardin-Simmons University 71-21. Photo courtesy of Kelly Bird

have to bring our best for the entire 4 quarters.”

Which they did, since by the first quarter the football team was already leading 20-0 and they didn’t slow down from there. Not once did

the cowboys come close to scoring above them for the whole game.

“Our offensive line is also looking really good, that’s where it all begins and all of our offensive success will be because of them,”

Yoder said. “Whether that is opening up holes for the running backs to run through, or giving me time to throw, I have complete

confidence they will do a great job.”

Even with the offensive doing so well at the game, Smith emphasizes that the team is made up of more than just one group.

“TEAM is the first pillar of this program, and without it, we are just another program,” Smith said in an email. “So I feel we have been

working well together, all parts putting the whole ahead of themselves. This team has been doing that very well, and it will pay off in a

big way at some point this year.”

The team’s next game this season is against Cal Lutheran at home this Sat., Sept. 21.

Stephanie Hofmann/ Sports editor