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Linfield Increases School Spirit, Traditions

The Maxwell Field bleachers were packed on Thursday, and not for a sporting event. Incoming freshmen and transfer students participated in Cat Camp, a new orientation event that focuses on creating school spirit.

New students learned about Linfield’s academic and athletic traditions through trivia games with prizes, watched the cheerleaders perform spirited chants, learned the Wildcat fight song and formed a human tunnel on the field, which faculty members hope can be recreated on game days.

The idea for Cat Camp came from a group decision made by Dan Fergueson, director of college activities, Dan Preston, vice president of Enrollment Services, Susan Hopp, dean of students, and Jeff Mackay, associate dean of students and director of Residence Life. The group of faculty watched a “webinar” about how to create school traditions, and decided that Cat Camp would be a great way to build school spirit and create a lasting tradition.

“Cat Camp went better than we had hoped,” Fergueson said. “We were excited about trying a new tradition and a new start, but we were pretty nervous that it may not have the enthusiasm that we were hoping for.”

Returning students were at the Cat Camp to help engage new students in by showing their enthusiasm throughout the event.

“I loved the response from the crowd when I asked them to cheer as if the football team had just scored the winning touchdown,” sophomore Austin Browning said in an email.

Browning is one of many students co-teaching colloquium this year as a Peer Advisor, and believes that Cat Camp was beneficial for incoming students. Browning also hopes that the energy present at Cat Camp continues throughout the year at all Linfield events, including football games, plays, music performances and research talks.

“[For] the administration and the student government, one of the goals this year is to reinvigorate school spirit,” Fergueson said. “We have a lot of students engaged, both athletically and academically, and we really want all students to help support that.”

Samantha Sigler / Editor-in-chief

Samantha Sigler can be reached at linfieldrevieweditor@gmail.com

New Year Brings New Students, Changes

As everyone hurries to unpack, share scandalous summer stories with friends and check out the newest changes around campus, it is obvious that summer has come to an end. And while most students spent the summer relaxing and enjoying their downtime, Linfield underwent some major changes.

For those of you that have not noticed, there is now a fully-licensed Starbucks that accepts Wildcat Cash and Flex Dollars on campus (and like most of you upperclassmen, I also feel gypped). The Starbucks will be open Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., closed Saturday and open Sunday from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

O’Riley’s has also undergone renovations to be more welcoming and comfortable for students. Dillin Hall has been transformed completely. Dillin Hall now has new seating and community spaces for customers, improved vegetarian and vegan options, a larger salad bar and three new meeting rooms: Chef’s Dining Room, Northwest Room and President’s Dining Room. All three of these meeting rooms can be requested for events by emailing reserve@linfield.edu.

The hours of Dillin Hall have also changed: Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m. to midnight, Friday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to midnight.

In addition to the changes made around campus, The Linfield Review has a few changes in store for the year. As the new Editor-in-chief, my goals this year are 1). to expand our online presence, 2). to connect Linfield to the McMinnville community and 3). to increase readership on campus and in McMinnville.

In addtion to using The Linfield Review’s Twitter and Facebook account, the Review plans to use its website to post articles online before they appear in print. Following the path of a world turning more toward digital media than ever before, I hope that readers of the Review will be able to find information online more easily throughout the year.

In regards to connecting Linfield to the McMinnville community, The Review hopes to break down the “Linfield bubble” so that students and faculty have a better understanding of all that McMinnville has to offer. Because the Linfield community spends the majority of their year in McMinnville, it only makes sense to inform students, faculty and community members about what is happening both on and off campus.

Through achieving the first two goals I hope to simultaneously fulfill my third goal, which is to increase readership as a whole. The Linfield Review has a lot to offer both Linfield and McMinnville, which I hope will become more apparent after this year.

Similar to how many freshman and transfer students must be feeling, I am a little bit hesitant to take on my new role here at the good ‘ole Review. But the Linfield community is strong, and I know that we will all adjust and embrace our new roles here on campus.

Have a great year Wildcats!

Samantha Sigler / Editor-in-chief

Samantha Sigler can be reached at linfieldrevieweditor@gmail.com

New year, New Changes

Over the summer, major renovations have transformed the dining facilities across campus.

Dillin Hall is serving up more options, Starbucks has taken the place of Jazzman’s and Catty Shack is in the process of being turned into a convenience store.

After years of regional and national surveys, the dining facilities have been renovated to cater more to what students want around campus.

As for Dillin Hall, there are now four additional food stations each night, more hours of operation and “all you care to eat” meal plans. The previous salad bar has been expanded, a toss-to-order salad and deli station, waffle and omelet station and a “day and night station” that will serve Stumptown Coffee, espresso and grab-and-go items.

Five additional cooks have been hired and there will be more than double the number of student workers helping out this year compared to last year.

“When you have more help, you can put more love in your food,” David Epping, Sodexo employee, said. “The food already shows it. Dillin also has more of a restaurant feel to it now. It’s going to be really fun watching the students experience all of the changes this year.”

There are three meal plan options for students to choose from. Plan A includes unlimited meals during the week plus $125 declining balance, plan B will have 12 meals plus $330 declining balance and plan C will have 100 meals per semester and $600 declining balance.

Junior Malley Nason explained the new meal plan system in relation to blocks. Instead of a certain number of meals per week, students can eat during any of the three blocks; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Students will be able to add money to their declining balance for Starbucks and Catty Shack,” Nason said. “I think the new dining hall and meal plans are going to be a really good change for students, it will just take time for everyone to adjust.”

In addition to Dillin Hall, a fully licensed Starbucks is now open. The Starbucks accepts Wildcat Cash, Flex Dollars and Starbucks gift cards.

Tori Nickerson is one of ten student workers who will be working at Starbucks this semester.

“I already enjoy working at Starbucks because of the people I work with,” Nickerson said. “The atmosphere is awesome because of the items from [Linfield’s] Old Oak, the [Linfield College Archives] Photograph Collection and lots of seating. Its corporation taste and a small school environment.”

Catty Shack is currently serving as storage for items from the summer construction. Eventually, Catty Shack will be turned into a convenience store that sells “sundry items.”

Bill Masullo, director of dining services, says that the changes will mean more opportunities for students. He is excited about the renovations and thanks everyone for their patience as facilities continues to fine tune the different dining facilities.

Sarah Mason / Copy chief

Sarah Mason can be reached at linfieldreviewcopy@gmail.com