Professor, Wildcat football announcer retires

“Twice Told Stories-Most of Them True” is the title of the last lecture that Dave Hansen, professor of economics, will ever give after four decades of teaching.

The lecture will take place at 7 p.m. May 13 in T.J. Day, Room 222.

Hansen is an economics professor and the play-by-play Wildcat football announcer.

He is distinguished in the Linfield community for the relationships that he made both inside and outside the classroom.

Although he is retiring, he is staying on as a radio broadcaster for the Wildcats.

“If I bring anything of value to the broadcasts, it’s knowing the kids outside of the football realm. I have the opportunity of interacting with them through the week,” Hansen said about radio broadcasting. Due to all his years of service to Linfield, he is able to offer unique insights about the school, bringing the past into the present.

Sophomore Michael Zeir had Hansen for a “Principle of Economics” class.

“Professor Hansen is a wise man. What really stood out for me about the class, though, was his particular style of teaching. He would never let the class become boring,” Zeir said. “To help illustrate complex economic theories, he would pick a student in the class and break the theory down into an interactive story where the student would go through the problem as if they were the business facing the problem. This helped everyone in furthering their understanding. He was a good economics professor and will surely be missed.”

After more than four decades of teaching, his lecture will be his last words of wisdom for the students at this school.

However, his voice will still be heard over the radio during the Wildcat football season.

Quinn Carlin

Staff writer

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